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It is one of the most beautiful places in south Sweden with an extraordinary lake at the edge of our property. It is a perfect balance between simple comfort and outdoor life in nature. A good place to contemplate, enjoy the peace maybe take a bike ride or have a swim, go for a hike or simply enjoy the view :) You can of course also spent time with other volunteers, play games in the evening or enjoy meals together.

We are a large group of friends that are open minded with the intention to create a place were you can be yourself, in the perfect balance between work and leisure time. We strive to enjoy life fully – open for new, work hard, laugh loud, cry if you need, love with all you have, be free. You will share all the spaces, we will show you around, always available and happy to help and then it is up to you what you make out of it.

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Kurrebo was my first volunteering experience and it was even better then expected. The whole team is just amazing, i really enjoyed having lunch and dinner together with them. The food was so good, we had delicious vegan and vegetarian meals everyday:)
Even though it rained a lot when i was there, i fell in love with the beautiful nature, we went for a nice swim, on our day of we biked to the national park nearby and the sunset over the lake is just stunning.
Thank you guys for having me, it was a short but great time.❤️
I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

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I had such a great time at Kurrebo, my first volunteering experience. Everyone was so kind, friendly & welcoming! The surrounding environment is beautiful & peaceful. Thank you so much having me!

hace 8 meses



It was a pleasure to stay in Kurrebo for two weeks for my first volunteering experience. People are really welcoming and friendly, but be prepared to spend a lot of time in nature, far from cities and tourist places. I had the opportunity to learn about gardening and painting and the kitchen world also, so it was a beautiful experience, even if the work could be a little challenging sometimes. Nice to have met you guys! Thank you for everything :)

hace 9 meses



Had a great time helping in the kitchen in Kurrebo. It's a beautiful place right by the lake. Thank you again for everything

hace 9 meses

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First off I would like to preface that Lia and her team were all very kind and inviting, there was one major part of this WorldPackers experience not advertised. The man who runs Kurrebo is Soren Ventegodt, a Danish holistic psychologist who practices vaginal acupressure. While I doubt any volunteers are involved in these practices, the staff members are. Upon arrival I found nude photos of the employees on one of their instagrams against the #metoo movement. Although this private sexual cult like life is kept rather private, after researching Soren, I was terrified to stay at Kurrebo.

hace 9 meses

Lia respondido

Dear Avrey

That is a very tough accusation to make. I am quite in shock about the things you are writing. As you say yourself – non of this is actually happening, this place is run entirely by me and my team and I really don't like how you make it sound. Look at the feedback from all the other helpers, non had any experience of what you are visualising.

You made us worry by making something up about family troubles and now you are sharing with me, in a private message, that you had a crazy talk with a stranger you met over night. And instead of talking with me about it you made up a story and left. And for that you are giving me negative feedback talking about being scared for life.

I understand that you are 19 years old, having your first experience of traveling on your own from America and your first encounter (you "researched" yourself) with contemporary European art, made to empower women and their bodies.

But to call us a secret sex cult with doubtful practices is clearly a result of you watching too many horror movies a la "midsommar".

Please realise that you are actually harming honest and decent people out of your fear-trip.

I would appreciate if you would involve more mature problem-solving, like being honest. You know yourself, if you would have just said all of this straight to my face in daylight you would realise how ridiculous it is yourself. And we could have a good laugh about it.

I wish you well,

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