Kyosei Foundation

Karibu Tanzania (welcome to Tanzania in Swahili) Here, you would be staying at our homestay and assisting with the local foundation's projects and programs.

We are a small, transparent charitable non-profit organization based on education established in 2015 with aid programs that provide free quality education opportunities and community support projects. We seek to raise funds and donations to support educational projects and programs for vulnerable children and people of low socioeconomic status living in Arusha. We are a fully volunteer-run charitable organization. All contributions go directly to projects, programs, and low operating costs. We're an officially registered charity with Registration No. 00NGO/08612 located in Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa.

We're located in Arusha, near Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, and are a gateway to safari destinations. At our foundation, we'll host you at homestay, where you'll have the opportunity to volunteer and help the local community, visit multiple excursions, and exchange cultures. We have a good reputable in partnering with the local community to help with development through teaching in schools, agriculture, medicine, safari tours, etc.

A few of the 35 out of 116 non-paying students are still lacking enough school supplies; that is why we call upon you to find helpers, funders, or sponsors, and we continue to seek funding support from other parts of the world, which will be for education, food supply at school, school uniforms, daily transportation to school and back home, and health support from others, where the payment of the scholarship will facilitate the activities of our schoolchildren. Currently, all classes are used for kindergarten and primary school programs, which are up to year 7, and children aged 3 to 14/15. The nursery wing has three classes: baby class, middle class, and early childhood class, while the primary school wing has classes from 1 to 7 years of age.

Let this school be a safe place for needy children where they will have a chance to build a foundation for their future lives.

The next step is to build a dream school for vulnerable children in Arusha. The majority of our children are from lower-income families and have one or both parents but do not have their basic needs or rights fulfilled; therefore, they can’t afford the higher fees at private schools. Some choose to go to government schools, which makes it hard for them to fulfil their dreams due to poor learning conditions, including a long walk to a nearby school and a lack of classrooms for the next-level grades. Kyosei Foundation wants to give them access to a proper foundation with good-quality education opportunities that everyone can afford. This is why Kyosei Foundation Management is working hard to appeal for your donations and funding support to build extra-standard classes at Kyosei Pre and Primary School in Arusha.

Though a lack of education is a leading cause of poverty in Tanzania, schools are not free. Attendance at both public and private primary schools requires the ability to pay for school fees, uniforms, meals, books, school supplies, transport, and other expenses. With approximately 40% of Tanzanians living on less than one US dollar per day (up to 87% in rural areas), there are families unable to cover these costs, and thus their children can’t attend school. For the public schools, there is the added challenge of providing quality education due to very large class sizes and rudimentary teaching methods, among other factors. and Often, the next school is 2+ hours away from their home by foot, and families cannot afford transportation. Hence, children stay at home and do not receive a school education.


We set and demand high standards and a proper foundation from our students and the community. Our goal is to improve Tanzania’s future generation through the power of education. By making every challenge in the life of a vulnerable child and disadvantaged groups a second chance-education opportunity in order to eradicate poverty and strengthen a strong foundation of the power of education to be a success story towards a brighter future.

Join us to continue this legacy for children who need education! Our school is full-time and all-gender for ages 3–15 years old. We are happy to welcome volunteers to our school project who want to help us in our daily lives at school. We would like to introduce you to our culture, food, and language and show you why we are working so hard on this project. At the same time, we would like to get to know your way of life and your ideas for improving the project.

A trip in Tanzania is a chance to experience real life in the heart of Africa. There’s plenty to see and do here during your free time on your project. A volunteer project trip in Tanzania wouldn’t be complete without a safari excursion! This is an unforgettable experience to see the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of this beautiful country, like the Big Five Games, such as elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, lions, and leopards. Without forgetting that, Tanzania is home to the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Hiking around the base through lush vegetation is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon. And browsing through a vibrant, local market is a must while you’re there. You can also spend time in a Maasai village, getting to know a completely different way of life.

Types of help and learning opportunities
- Charity Work
- Art Projects
- Language practice
- Help with eco-projects
- Teaching
- DIY and building projects
- Babysitting and creative play
- Creating and cooking family meals
- Help around the house or school compound
- Hospitality/Tourism
- General Maintenance
- Help with computers and the Internet

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
We really would love to teach you how to cook some Tanzanian meals, allow you to immerse yourself in our culture, and introduce you to our way of living and speaking. We can help you learn a little Swahili!

Of course, we'd also like to get to know your culture and lifestyle, so feel free to teach us how to cook your favourite meals or how to speak your language.
The children are the stars of the show here! You will be amazed at how well you can communicate with them. They start learning English at a very young age, which is why they love to talk to volunteers, show off their English in school, and learn further.

Volunteers or helpers help opportunities consist of:
1. Assist in teaching programs:
The main activity of volunteers or helpers in our school is to help with teaching programs. Since all subjects are taught in English, volunteers are very important for improving language skills. Apart from that, you are welcome to draw pictures on the school walls, play games with the children, or realise your own ideas.

2. Help with school construction projects:
Still, this project will need to build other facilities for students, such as classrooms, playgrounds, computer labs, school kitchens, sanitary facilities (toilets), and school fences. So we will be glad if you help in any way to make this possible, for example, by making donations, creating a campaign to collect money for the construction, etc.
As a construction volunteer, you’ll help build and improve our school facilities. You’ll be placed alongside a local team on our project, led by professional foremen, architects, and engineers. You assist with work such as digging, removing dirt, carrying bricks, mixing cement, painting, cleaning, and more.

3. Help fund educational scholarship programs for vulnerable children:
We seek an academic scholarship program for vulnerable children in Arusha. With this program, you can help vulnerable children get a free, quality education. Help invest in the future to assist with the funding needed to begin or continue their educational journey at our school.

4. Sports Training Programs:
Helping in football training, coaching or training of coaches, administration, development, first aid response, and event management (organising events related to sports, tournaments, and leagues). We plan to start up frequent football games and training for the youth, as well as a wide mix of ages. We plan to get a wide range of sports and exercise involved in the schools as well as with youth in our community.
With the volunteer program, you will be attending their morning and afternoon programs, like visiting primary schools and providing education about the importance of sports. Help provide football training and competition (including attending tournaments), giving disadvantaged children from 6 to 17 years old the opportunity to enjoy football, play, and develop mentally and physically through the game. Parallel to the football activities, the kids will follow an educational curriculum that is given in small courses, teaching them different subjects.

5. Outreach and Communication Activities (marketing, management, and fundraising):
The main tasks will be to plan, direct, or coordinate activities to solicit and maintain all communications and funds for special projects. We are happy to get help on social media networks, like creating content for new websites and other branding materials or helping raise funds for school construction and empowerment projects. We are always keen to have photographers or videographers on board, as well as website designers.

6. Women's Empowerment Projects:
As a human, Join us to help young women, especially single mothers, and youth in general. For example, sewing machines, poultry farming, or handicrafts [local masai earrings, table-mats, and fabric-tailored clothes] can be part of your extracurricular skills. The goal is to educate women and youth, support them, and give them perspective. We help them in providing educational sewing machines and facilitating the purchase of various equipment. Your helping hands can create small businesses for women and youth that will lift their families out of poverty.

Thank you very much for supporting this entrepreneurial empowerment opportunity.

Languages spoken;- English: Fluent, Swahili (Kiswahili): Fluent andMaasai: Fluent

Interested in learning French and German?

What else? We are located very close to lots of beautiful national parks, and are a gateway to safari destinations including the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Arusha, Ngorongoro, and Kilimanjaro, so you could organise yourself to combine a volunteering program, join a camping safari tour, climb Kilimanjaro or Meru mountains, and holiday in Zanzibar Island. We're happy to arrange for you to have long weekends off if you want to explore. Local swimming pools are a nice way to relax on the weekend. There are places you can arrange to visit a maasai village and local families, should you wish. We have a lot of waterfalls and hot springs that you can go on a day trip to. Taking a trip and exploring Arusha and the next town, Moshi, can also be done in a day, as can other day trips such as visiting the native tribespeople. I am more than happy to help you organise excursions to ensure you get a good deal. The best unforgettable experiences and memorable opportunities in Tanzania, especially once you join us in the Arusha region, are: + To immerse yourself in the gastronomy, music, and language of the Tanzanian people + To gain experience working with vulnerable children in the remote community. + To use your weekends and days off to explore the amazing places that Tanzania has to offer you. + To experience another culture, meet incredible people along the way, and live abroad for an extended period of time. + To gain a better understanding of your future goals through giving back opportunities and watching children's academic growth while developing your communication, teaching, and empowering skills. Others cultural exchange and learning opportunities are ! As you live together with Tanzanian families, you will be in a daily contact with the locals and work with us together and experience our real life and culture. - It is possible to learn different cultural behavior including cooking, dressing e.t.c in our area of Arusha. You can also take Swahili classes. - We can teach/show you how to cook Tanzanian Food. - We can put you in contact with a reputable tailor to get quality Tanzanian clothes. - We can call for you a hairdresser, if you are interested in braiding your hair. - We can go out and do sports like football, rugby or netball, which are the most popular sport activities in our area. Also we like to watch sports and talk about it. - We will enjoy the nightlife together on weekends to see bars, live music and clubs. - We will tell you the real prices for buses/ minibuses, tuk-tuk (bajaji in swahili), motorcycle (Toyo in swahili), fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, so you pay the fair price every time (bargaining is a must in Tanzania!), we let you avoid muzungu prices in Tanzania. Airport Pickup at Kilimanjaro International Airport Both airports are in a good reachable position for Kyosei Foundation in Arusha; you can take your flight to KIA, Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), or Arusha Airport (ARK). We can arrange an airport transfer directly to the property for USD 50 (one way) anytime (duration approx. 1 hour 45 minutes), and we will bring you with a taxi driver directly to our organization or living compound safely in Arusha. Our local team is available 24/7 to provide support during your arrival and volunteer program. Remember at the airport that you will have to pass the health surveillance desk in case the flight has a stopover in any African country like Kenya or Ethiopia. Upon arrival at the immigration desk, there is a little process that will probably take a bit of time to get your visa stamped. Accommodation: We'll host volunteers at our homestay, and you will be provided with three local meals per day. We are a very welcoming family; we love sharing our lives with others and learning about new cultures. Dear volunteers and interns, We kindly ask all volunteer helpers to contribute at least a small amount to support the running and operational costs. This cash will support the host family's efforts to provide you with all three meals and pay your water and electricity bills during your stay. We say it again and again that volunteer helpers are obliged to contribute a minimum contribution of $7 USD per day, equivalent to €45 EUR/week all inclusive, to help support the organization's activities. It’s that simple. With Kyosei, there are no hidden costs or fees; we want you to be as comfortable as possible to make this life-changing journey simple. Please join us and help make Tanzania a better place. With your help, we can make a difference in the community. You will have 24-hour gated security, assistance, and a cook (Mama Lau, who will happily help you prepare all meals freely and do your laundry for a small fee). A huge part of your experience will be the people you share your accommodations with. We’ve done our best to provide a place that is much more like a communal lifestyle than a home. With influences of local culture and soft comforts, we have created a space where our volunteers will feel like they are truly living a home away from home in Tanzania. As we say in Kiswahili, "KARIBU KWETU | WELCOME TO OUR PLACE". Food & Beverages - Breakfast: tea with local small bread called Maandazi - Lunch and dinner: rice, beans, meat, local small fish, corn flower, local meal, daily vegetables - Clean drinking water from the tap - Black tea with sugar - Porridge Here's a few list of some local foods we offer. 1. Ugali (stiff porridge) 2. Makande (roasted beans and maize) 3. Chapati (pan cake) 4. Mtori (banana soup) 5. Wali maharage (steam rice with beans)


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I stayed for 2 weeks at the Kyosei foundation and lived at the host family. The teachers at school were very nice and we sometimes chilled after school. You live with a family which is cool to experience! There is not a lot to do around the school or house but in the weekend you can go explore town or do other activities.

hace 7 meses

Steven respondido

Dear Johanne,

Thank you for sharing your experience at the Kyosei Foundation with us! We greatly appreciate your participation and contributions to our mission during your two-week stay. It's wonderful to hear that you enjoyed living with our host family and found the teachers at school to be very nice. Building those connections beyond the classroom is always enriching!

We understand that the area around the school and house may not offer a lot in terms of activities, but we're glad you had the opportunity to explore town and engage in other excursion activities like Serengeti Safari tour and other visitations during the weekends.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we're grateful for your positive review. We hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back to the Kyosei Foundation in the future. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for you or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Best regards,

Kyosei Foundation in Tanzania.
Director of Volunteer Engagement.

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