La Bianca apartments

we offer a private studio, great food and warmth that is necessary to live abroad far from your family or your confort zone!
We live across the beach, we have so many references since we've been hosting girls for over 10 years so far!
Also, we are a very open minded family, however we always expect having very reliable and enthusiast people!

As we already said, we are very welcoming, accepting people, however we expect from our worldpackers some help around the house (in the kitchen and in/or our rentals) or with our kids when it comes to practise the language.

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I had a really great stay here. I was a little unsure of how things worked at first, but as the weeks went on I got a hang of it. The kids are very energetic! The family was really kind and cooked great food, being considerate of my dietary needs. I stayed in a private room separate from the house. This stay is right across from the beach, I also really enjoyed visiting the towns near by. Thanks guys!!

hace 2 meses



I cant even begin to explain how amazing my two months with Arianna and Vito’s family was! They are the perfect people to be holding this type of experience and the most amazing parents. Beware though, you will fall in love with the kids. They all have such cute and different personalities which makes your time with them so fun! Your free time is respected, you get to eat delicious food and be included into a beautiful family right on the beach. If you are looking for a home away from home, a cultural immersion and to feel like a kid again this is the experience for you! Miss you guys already!

hace 3 meses

Reino Unido


An unforgettable experience! I spent a lot of time playing games and doing activities with the kids. Other times, I helped teach English to people of different levels and ages. This was mostly centered around games and homework.

Vito and Arianna were lovely hosts, the food was incredible and I really felt welcomed as part of the family.
I enjoyed the routine - it was pretty much the same every day (morning vs afternoon activities, set meal times etc). There was also plenty of free time (2 days per week) and it was always respected.

hace 4 meses

Estados Unidos


This experience was very good the hours are very fair and you have lots of time off. You mainly just need to help with the kids or around the house a bit while you’re volunteering. The family is the best! They’re very nice and will treat you like family. If you are outgoing and talkative and like kids this is definitely the place for you. I had some issues at the beginning because I’m not very talkative but overall it’s great

hace 6 meses

Estados Unidos


The whole family is very welcoming and fun to talk to. They’re interested in getting to know you and I really enjoyed my time here.
Arianna and Vittorio are great hosts with lots of experience. They are transparent about expectations and respectful of your free time. The kids are curious, energetic, and love to play games. The accommodation was also cozy and all of the meals home cooked and delicious. Great experience!

hace 12 meses

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