La Fuga Sailboat

UPDATE 2022 - Greetings Mateys & Wenches. With all this craziness of the corona in the past two years going on, I finally decided to get back to world packers. During this time I'm a full time floating captain while still trying to run two startups from the ground up - MDR Boats, Barking Happiness, and two podcast.

In this moment, I don't have any dog walking positions, I'm in need of content creators and volunteers who have experience with video editing and sound mixing.

If you love dogs and dogs brighten up your day - then join us for a week of exploring the city on foot while walking some four legged friends. On the weekends, I'm more than happy going sailing, showing you around some of the hottest spots, and much more.

My boat is parked in Marina del Rey - juts next to Venice Beach, Venice Canals, and Santa Monica. If you don't mind waking up to the sounds of sea lions and sea breeze, then stay with us, you might just not want to leave.

We're all friendly. We have a positive view in life and it's beauty it has to offer. We treat anyone with respect no matter what color, race, or personal preference you have. We're all humans.

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