La Maison du Lac

SORRY GUYS. While I love the exchanges and to share about Pridnestrovie with my guests, I won't be taking anyone until June/July 2024 at best.
Some personal problems, added to the current situation in the region, makes it too much of an effort for the moment, I just can't afford it, financially and logistically.
Will update the calendar when circumstances allow.
All the best,


It is different. The country is unrecognised, it still has a strong Soviet look and feel, and there is almost no foreigners around. Despite that, people are really welcoming. As long as you respect them and do your best to adapt, they will make sure you feel comfortable at any time.

This project is sort of unique in Pridnestrovie in the way that I am an outsider who integrated in the country, renovating a traditional house in a way to make it self-sustainable and to keep its original features.
To my knowledge, there is no similar opportunity for a volunteer to get a real insight of Pridnestrovian rural life.

If you like the nature, you might love the place. The house is one meter from a lake where you can swim and fish. Next to the lake is a river, and all around the village are some forests. You can go mountain biking in the surroundings.

If you want to, you can try a legendary Soviet jeep: UAZ-469. (currently not working, I need to get a new battery and a couple fixes)

If you're learning Russian, you'll get a lot of practise.

Oh and also, you can claim that you're one of a very few foreigners who stayed in a village in the country that doesn't exist.

You'll be considered as a friend and treated as such. You opinion and suggestions will be considered, and we will try to share convivial moments, such as meals and trips. I am 32, French, who moved here after a couple years living and traveling abroad. I always enjoy learning about countries and culture. Like being in the nature, especially hiking and biking. Started fishing this year since I bought my house. I try to have a healthy lifestyle, eating fresh and natural food, and exercising a bit (still need some motivation for that part). I used to work with teenagers, in British boarding schools, and I usually volunteer in schools every year, often in Ukraine. I drive an old Soviet car (UAZ-469), favour local products, and I am learning Russian (work in progress).

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