La Petite Auberge

If you're wanting to experience France and a very beautiful part of France where you get to see its nature, and some of its castles, with hikes and walks then come to this area. Great for improving English (and if you've got French we can always improve too)

We are an Irish family of 2 guys and our almost 13-year-old son. We've 2 dogs, 2 cats and a small plunge pool, so we are on the go all the time and we're wanting someone to be part of our family, eating with us, helping us, but you'll have your own place 100m away


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It was a very different experience in every way, different family, I had to understand how to deal with unexpected situations, but it was a challenge and anyway I confess that it was fundamental for me to go through this experience, anyway thank you very much Mr. Gerry I wish happiness and peace to you and all your family big hug to Josh God bless him a lot hug..

hace 26 días



Amazing experience!! Totally recomended!! The work is very easy to do and the place is great!! The hours and the meals are well respected.
They take you to know more the region too wich is so rich of small turistic places. And Carennac is such a beautiful small village, considered one of the most beautiful in France.
By the way Gerry, Gerrard and Joshua are so amazing! Always playing, chating, joking and also always concerned with your well being!! Thanks so much for everything!!

hace 9 meses



My experience with Gerry and Gerard was great. Carennac is a beautiful place, full of history, it seems like a fairy tale. They are good people, they respect your free time and take you to see other amazing places. Super recommended!

hace 10 meses

Gerry respondido

This was Eudardo’s first experience so we wanted this to be a success for him. He is a very sweet kind individual, he takes on all the tasks you give him and was very proficient at managing client rooms and needs.

He liked invoking with family game but equally had time to himself.

Can highly recommend him for a similar role in the future.



The best of my volunteering!
Gerry, Gerard and their son Joshua are beautiful and extraordinary people.
They make me feel like family .
I highly recommend volunteering if you are willing to commit to them and their bed and breakfast in the best posible way. Because if they give their best, the least a volunteer can do is give it back by fulfilling and committing to assigned tasks.
Finding people like them renews the desire to continue traveling and meeting these kinds of extraordinary people. good luck in everything that comes! I will miss you very much, infinite thanks ♥️🥲🇫🇷🍀

hace 12 meses

Gerry respondido

Santiago is young in year and wise in mind. Totally committed he was a delight to host. Made us feel happy for the minute he arrived every morning and we miss him. Bon vie mon ami!

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