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Are you an English speaker or native? Do you like being surrounded by nature? Would you like helping students from 8 to 16 year-olds to improve their level of English? We are a friendly company that runs immersion camps in English located in an amazing place surrounded by nature. Our camp La Toma del Agua is situated 7 minutes by car from Riopar, a village near Albacete (Spain). These English immersion camps are programs that welcome groups of students from all over Spain. We look after them for five days (from Monday to Friday) and encourage them to improve their English through fun and active classes. This also includes physical outdoor activities, gymkanas and excursions led by bilingual and natives teachers. It’s a really fun place with friendly people, where you won´t get bored at all. We are looking for someone who can help with our students, guiding them and helping them to improve their English. We offer accommodation shared with our lovely team and full board (5 meals). We are used to food allergies, food intolerants, vegetarians… We have bicycles that you also can use. Almost every day at least someone goes to the village Riopar, so you can catch a lift if you need to.

Workawayers help for 5 hours a day from Monday to Thursday. Mainly you will support our team during those moments when we have to control the students in their free time, avoiding potential problems and playing with them while you push them to speak in English as much as possible. Our students are from Spain and come with the idea to immerse themselves in the English language. In case you help with an activity we will never ask you to run the activity, only to support and monitor the students. During the weekends you can stay in our facility or travel as you please. Public transport from Riopar is quite poor but most of the weekends some staff goes mainly to Madrid or Murcia and they can give you a lift in case you want to visit different areas of Spain. There’s lots of thing you can do nearby during the weekend or even in your free time during the week. We offer access to facilities such us the multi-adventure areas; archery, climbing, zipline…, use of our court, sport materials, lots of trekking with incredible views and of course, you can visit the main attractions in Riopar; Riomundo (the born of a river) & the old Riopar town, which is on top of a mountain. Our team tends to stay in the facility during the weekends so you can enjoy you time with us also. Normally we are a team of 12 with people mainly from Spain, Ireland, England. We range from 18 to 30 years old. As we are in the middle of nature, there is no signal inside the facility but if you go to the entrance you will get signal for sure. We have sufficient wifi too. There is a tiny river that crosses our facility and three lakes near. One is a natural swimming pool with a zipline over it.

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