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So, what could you learn from us? First, we believe that living with a local family is the best way for a volunteer to learn about the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle. We are a happy family, eat healthy foods, do exercise everyday (swim in the pool in summer, play badminton and football in the field) and go out for coffee or food almost every weekend. Secondly, we are good at cooking, including vegetarian foods, and you have the opportunity to know more about the Vietnamese food culture. We can teach you to cook some dishes if you like. Thirdly, I have a small education business, so I am really interested in discussing and sharing experiences about young education. If you care about kids, we will have a lot in common to talk about everyday. I can learn from you, and you can learn from me as well. Fourthly but not lastly, we travel a lot inside Vietnam, so we can give you a lot of tips about traveling in Vietnam, include places to go and local foods to eat.

Xin chào! We are a small family of 5 people, living 35km away from Hanoi. My husband works in interior construction. He drives to the city to work almost everyday and is quite busy. I am a full-time mom and I quit my job in securities company few years ago to look after our children. My oldest son and daughter are 8 years-old, speak English very well, and are very smart. They like to study to play piano on YouTube by themselves and can play a bit, as well as learning online by themselves how to play chess, draw, do origami as well. My baby girl is 18 months old and has just started to learn to talk. 3 years ago, we left the city life to follow a slow, quiet and peaceful life in the Vietnamese countryside. With this change, our children have space to play, and not much time for phone and television. But with the far distance from the center, it’s hard to find some extra classes for them to improve their English and some other activities like piano class, art class, chess. We are looking for someone who loves children and have high commitment to come and spend quality time with my kids. We need you help to babysit my 15 months old baby girl, teach her to talk, play some sensory games with her. The time is flexible, but normally you would be needed for 1 hour in the morning when I cook lunch, and 1 hour in the afternoon when I come to pick her brother and sister up from school. When the twins are back home, hang out with them in outdoor activities. And after dinner, tutor them for 1 hour in some extra lessons like math, science, language, art.

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