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We arrived in our old farm in Dordogne near Sarlat (one of the most beautiful and famous French medieval towns) in 2018 with our 4 children and all our animals (a dog, a pig, cats, hens and ducks). We have decided to renovate the buildings in an environment and human friendly way so as to host seminars and retreats in relation with consciousness and holistic health approaches and practices. We also wish to slowly develop a permacultural vegetable garden to become self sufficient and ideally be able to provide the surroundings (but that would be on the long run!). We speak fluent English and are all very keen on welcoming international visitors to learn from their culture and share our own. If you like nature, family life, building, gardening and challenges of all sorts you can join us in this exciting adventure! We'll be really happy to welcome you. Since January 2020 we've welcomed over 50 volunteers and have had experiences with all of them. Their participation has made a tremendous difference for us and we are so gratuful to be getting this wonderful help!

We are 6 at home, plus all the animals and have a very busy life as we homeschool our children, renovate the buildings, learn growing vegetables and design the landscape. It's a lot of hard work and we'd be very greatful to have some help to move on better. If you are motivated, you like to work, you like nature and family life come and join us:-) We are not vegetarian, eventhough we eat little meat, but are used to welcoming vegetarian people so that is not a problem at all :-)! Please mind that we have two bedrooms and that there are two places per room so you might be sharing your room with someone else. I'm specifying this because I have just been told that our profile says the opposite and I don't know how to change that. So here is the info. Please note that WE DO NOT ASK FOR VACCINATION.

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Una experiencia increíble.
Me permitió vivir el presente y ser feliz las 3 semanas que estuve allí.
Paul y Ade se preocupan porque estés cómodo con el trabajo y en general, cuidan de ti como uno más de la familia.
Es una gran oportunidad para aprender francés.
Yo tuve suerte porque conecté muy bien con el resto de voluntarios que compartieron conmigo experiencia y eso evitó que me pudiera sentir solo y pudiera compartir experiencias. De no ser por el resto de voluntarios en ocasiones me hubiese sentido solo.
Por último mandar un beso a les enfants, les llevaré siempre en el corazón.

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What an amazing experience, Paul and Ade are lovely people so are their children, I had a great time with them.
About the job it’s really easy but sometimes could be a little bit hard but nothing that we can’t handle and they will teach and help you in everything.
I’m certainly coming back if I have the opportunity.
Thank you.

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I would easily recommend to everyone to go spend some time at le Chant des Pierres.
I was there for three weeks, and I would have easily stayed longer (maybe all my life). Hours are well respected, they try to give tasks that are not repetitive, not too much of a hassle, they do know a lot about their job so you can learn a lot.
The meals are amazing. It is a lot of healthy food so beware if that is not what you like, but for me it was amazing. Playing with the kids is also the best way to chill!
Aela, Come, Baptiste, Gaby, Ade, Paul, merci!! C'était genial, vraiment.

hace 2 meses

Paul respondido

C'est surtout à nous de te remercier, de vous remercier! grâce à vous nous avons pu avancer très efficacement sur tout le chantier extérieur et c'est très précieux tant il y a de choses à faire ici. Et ta présence aura été particulièrement aidante dans cette période si chargée, un immense merci pour ta gentillesse, ta générosité, et merci aussi pour ton petit mot - je suis d'accord avec ce que tu y dis et c'est vrai que nous avons goûté au confort de la présence de la "langue française";-)



Me encanto la experiencia sin duda volvería y la recomiendo voy a extrañar mucho estuve dos meses y me encanto los huéspedes son muy comprensivos y se preocupan por ti siempre están dispuestos a dar una mano en cualquier duda o problema que tengas son muy buenas personas y te encariñas con todos espero volver a verlos

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La experiencia fue hermosa. Paul, Adelaida y los chicos fueron super atentos, amables y cordiales, me hicieron sentir como uno más de la familia. Siempre preocupados por saber si todo estaba bien y por proveer cualquier cosa que necesite o que me guste. Paul siempre se respetó los horarios de trabajo. La comida fue variada, rica y saludable.
Sin dudarlo volvería.

hace 2 meses

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