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Not only are we located at the heart of London but we are very close to all the most famous tourist sites and they are all within a walking distance from each other. You will get to explore London without the hassle of travel. With fourteen hostels across the city, LHA is the perfect place to start your new adventure.
For 80 years, LHA have provided young people and students long-term, co-living accommodation they love, and can afford. Here, you can familiarise yourself, socialise and decide whether or not to make London your permanent home.

The staff are very friendly and hospitable. At LHA you wont feel lost have a diverse team from all corners of the world, always ready to welcome you and ensure you are part of the LHA family. Our staff will commit to ensuring that you receive full training as follows: Volunteering with us means you’ll: • Get fully trained in a key industry skill • Have the opportunity to be part of a team environment • Develop your language skills • Boost your CV & increase your earning potential • Have the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem whilst experiencing new cultures • Not to mention you’ll be living in the heart of London

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My experience at LHA Holland House was very good, Matteo was always open to listening and trying to solve situations in the best way, with flexibility and respect for our working hours. The tasks are relatively simple, with minimal effort and commitment you can do it without the slightest problem.
Volunteer colleagues, staff and roommates were generally friendly, proactive and super supportive.
My special thanks to Prayaga, Kathy, Matteo, Rogers, Teaandra, Sanvi and all the others for the amazing time.

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Volunteering at LHA Holland House was an experience that I had not planned on having, yet somehow needed. It allowed me to meet some incredible people from all around the world, build a little space to call home and grow within myself. I felt so welcomed and always had opportunities to ask for help; It is a perfect place to feel supported in your Worldpackers experience. The hostel is so charming and it could not be in a better location. The staff provides the schedule in advance and is very respectful of your time. Thank you Matteo, all the other staff members and residents!

hace 20 días



The other volunteers were wonderful.
I am grateful for this opportunity. Nonetheless I need to mention this: Apparently there was changes in the management recently and this lead to an environment in which I did not feel respected and trusted anymore. Every day there was another scheme going on to kick someone out or talking bad about them behind their back and we were constantly checked on while working. It was always blamed on the previous manager. I felt like it was a really disorganized and controlling way to manage things. Tasks were unclear and I was never trained properly.

hace 1 mes

Lha Holland respondido

Hello Melanie,

thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re truly sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We’ll strive to do better.

Thanks again for your support, we wish you all the best :)



Flavio un amor y me escucho y ayudo siempre que lo necesite, hizo que mi experiencia fuera hermosa a pesar de que habian algunos temas como por ejemplo el trabajo, hay personas como yo que trabajabamos mucho mas que otras y nadie notaba hasta que un dia hable con Flavio y me escucho y aconsejo.
No es un lugar para fiestas ni nada,pero tu puedes salir por tu cuenta.
En el tema de habitacion son en subterraneo con una ventana chica pero el olor en general es pesimo al igual que en las piezas y los baños y ducha de voluntarios huelen pesimo y si quieres ducharte mejor debes limpiar tu

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I’m so grateful to Matteo for helping me to land this opportunity when I had a different opportunity cancel at the last minute. Matteo and Flavio were wonderful to work for and the location of the hostel is 10/10, absolutely such a great place to stay in London! The hostel itself is a bit outdated but the location and team make up for it.

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