Miramar Surfcamp

This is a non paid volunteer program.

Miramar Surfcamp is one of the most treasured surf locations in Nicaragua. Located in the North, this hot spot offers more than just the average wave. It is graced with opportunity for plenty of recreational activities and a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Blessed with off shore winds, point and beach breaks, it provides sets for all levels of surfers, all year round. During the season from March to October, peaking swells allow for experienced surfers to shred the perfect barrel, easily accessed on foot or by boat. It is also an ideal place for those those wishing to learn with the pick of a gentle wave at your door step. This majestic paradise, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, caters for all different kinds of adventures. Miramar Surfcamp gives an extraordinary homely feeling and comforting solace for the soul.


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My second season at Miramar Surfcamp, and I absolutely feel at home!
Tks family

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The staff was really nice, I felt welcomed. Food was also good. Was teaching yoga in the mornings and evenings (the times always change, depends on the waves / surfing), mostly YinYoga and Stretching. I had to leave earlier due to illness.
Wish you all the best !

hace 8 meses



An amazing experience!!!
I had a unforessen event, I dislocated my elbow with a fall. I felt supported all the time, had the best assistance by everyone. The owners, the kitchen staff, the cleaning staff, the restaurante staff, the surf teacher....Everyone made me feel at home. True Miramar family! The work is easy, the place is wonderful, I only have complimentes. And the food, delicious.
I met a lot of people, made a lot of friends and I hope to come back to this paradise. Thank you Miramar family!!

hace 10 meses

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It was a really great experience! It was a beautiful location right on the beach and very relaxing. However, I was supposed to teach twice a day and some days I didn’t even end up teaching. Lots of the clients were beginners and there was no blocks and the mats were dirty and some had holes in them. The staff and team are welcoming people and very understanding.

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E nosss familia !!!!!!!!

hace 7 años

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