Moon desert

Person can leave amazing exprince and learn new things here in the desert with us and also that's not helping just my family but I have dream to give samthing to neair by village and also in future I will try to make travelers have good relation with local

Lot of respect and we leave like family and we learn from each other and in the end every one can learn new thing can help him or her in his life


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Being in Dar Talmoudi opened my mind in many ways! I experienced a sand storm, survived from the heat and the flies.. so be prepared! hehe
As it is really far from downtown you don't have much to do. The wifi wasnt working well so there were days that i couldn't work in the website. In these days I helped with cleaning, for instance. The hour is flexible, which can be really good or not, as you dont know what time you can work or relax.
It was only me, Abdo, for one day a guest and no other volunteers, which made me feel not having the social experience that i was expecting to have.

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IT was awesome to discover this new place In the world ! Very quiet and not so close to the village. We had a good moments and also partys there . Thanks to all the staff !

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Abdo respondido

you are welcome hope to see you again one day

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