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Yakoob is a great host and very kind, accommodating and completely fulfilled his part of the deal. It was hard to feel like I was able to fulfill mine. It may have been a combination of many things, but there was no one staying at the hostel besides the volunteers. It’s not at all Yakoob’s fault, but it made it hard to try to market the hostel as a fun and social place to stay. I still think it was an amazing hostel and the food is incredible, so maybe in other times of the year it’s easier to really feel like you’re giving Yakoob the results he deserves!




Yakoob was a splendid host & definitely great for getting to know the area - good tips for all of Sri Lanka really.
The hostel provided a wonderful stay and fun to meet the local staff and the many backpackers!
I’d recommend having your own laptop/iPad at hand to make the working hours more efficient




The hostel and the host were very nice! Just different tasks from what I expected - it is really just marketing & social media. Try to promote the hostel as much as you can. I thought it would be more reception and help in daily tasks. Ended up not doing almost nothing for them which is pretty unfair. They treated me very well, the food was delicious and the place is super clean! Plus the rooms are very spacious and very close to the beach! If you are a marketing master this is the perfect place! Thank you Yakoob for everything! Can't wait to be back in Sri Lanka! Missing already :(




I had such a great time at MyHostels Weligama. It's a newer hostel that is starting out and beginning to pick up for the tourist season. Yakoob and the staff here were so kind and welcoming and I really enjoyed my work.
The food was also amazing 😍😍😍




My Hostels Weligama was an amazing experience and Yakoob gave me the chance to volunteer for 2 weeks. The facilities of the hostel are amazing: Modern, clean, really nice rooms with bathroom. Amazing common and dinning areas area. Good WIFI. The food was delicious, the beach was really close and everything in the town was about 15 to 20 minutes walk. The tasks were perfect and he gave me freedom to make photos and videos for his hostel. The team was so kind and always open to help. I will definitely recommend My Hostels to volunteer and also to stay Sri Lanka. :) Bohoma Stutiyi.