Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House

Located in the heart of Varzaneh, Negaar Varzaneh Traditional Guest House is a renovated historic building from Pahlavi Era, with rooftop views over the Jame Mosque of Varzaneh. The house includes common area where to relax and meet other travelers, a small but well equipped kitchenette and a choice of seven cozy rooms. The house is full of Tazhib (gilding) art. Your home away from home is only a few minutes drive away from sand dunes, and then also close to salt lake, and lots of other interesting sights such as Gavkhouni wetlands and black (Volcanic) Mountain, Khargooshi Caravansary, oasis villages. This makes it an ideal place for our guests to enjoy the nature and historical sites around. Many of the cultural sites such as pigeon tower, restaurants, supermarkets, ethnology museum, old bridges, Jame Mosque, handicraft workshops, are just within 2 to 20 min walking distance.

I am Muhammad, the owner, and manager of Negaar Varzaneh Traditional guest house in Varzaneh. I try to be an environmentalist. And I adore natural therapies. I am an avid reader of books in psychology and sociology. I am very eager to travel, mostly interested to visit natural and historical points, eager to know others nations' culture. I love to communicate and engage with different types of people who have different views and assumptions about every thing. Hiking is also a hobby of my interest. I support anything inspired by nature in my guest house, organizing tours to salt lake, wetland, sand dune desert, citadel, and a lot more.


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Mohammad was a great host and taught me so much about Iranian culture. He explained the history to me and teached me about Persian medicine. I was there around new year and got to see some traditional celebrations which was very nice. Also the desert is so beautiful!! My tasks were pretty easy and I had enough time to see everything else. I can only recommend staying with him:)

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Mohammad respondido

Thank you Cosima! You are always very welcome... .



What an amazing experience! Mohammad taught me a lot of things, about culture, religion, Persian medicine...and showed me some of the most beautiful spots around the city and its curiosities! ( You have to see the night sky in the desert, it's impressive!!)
Varzaneh has a lot of history and it's the perfect place to met local people. Every person that I met here is really nice and kind. I'm happy that I could come and hope one day come back to visit!

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I know the real Iran, the real people, traditions, humor and the food.
It has been an awesome time,people in the guesthouse have so big hearts as the sun.
I found many friends. I was at home.
I admire all the effort that they make to be better.
Unfortunately it was low season and we didn't have so many things to do. But we can share a lot of chats, food and really good moments.
Thank you guys (Abu, Amin, Hassan, Mohammad and your family) for open your heart for me and give me beautiful moments. I feel so lucky.
I wish you all the best, always. Be happy.

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Mohammad respondido

It was an amazing time with Celeste! Really glad she came over! And certainly believed that she did a good job. Helping me with translation, cleaning and taking care of the guests were certainly satisfying, and she is always welcome to come over!

Always welcome!

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