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Close contact with alpacas in a beautiful part of Sweden. Baby pacas, too! Help me make our B&B be the best in Sweden. Learn about hospitality at it's best.

I'm Paul, dad to three kids. I'm originally from London, I've lived in Sweden for 20 years. I appreciate people that really want to help me, my kids and my little business ! Mutual respect, good laughs and banter :)


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Excelente experiencia
La granja es enorme y hay un montón de tareas por hacer, disfruté cada una de ellas desde estar con los animales, sacar fotos, preparar desayuno, cocinar entre otras.
Me trataron como parte de la familia y pude disfrutar de muchisimas cosas, paseos y actividades entre otras.
Gracias Paul, Marta, Dylan y Oscar por hacerme vivir una experiencia inolvidable.
Volveré :)

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Paul respondido

Lucia, Thank you so much for everything. Your a diamond and we look forward to the next time we meet ! //Paul & family



Me and Iza had 8h/10h shifts and we had only one day off which we spent on cleaning the dirty cabin where we had to live. He was expecting us to be on call 24/7. His violent behaviour full of shouting and swearing led to a point when we were afraid to ask anything because he threw out the volunteers that were complaining. After 14 days of work , he kicked us out and he didn’t care if we had a place to go, but only about a negative review here. Apparently we didn’t meet his excessive expectations which never matched what we agreed upon arrival. If you want to know the whole story, just text us!

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Paul respondido


It deeply saddened me to see that you had used so much energy to write such a damning and biased review.

We both know what really happened !

Of the 100's of volunteers that have help us over the years we have asked three to leave us. This has only happened when it hasn't been safe for my family, staff, guests the animals or the property.

As you are well aware you endangered the lives of both our guests and the animals on the farm and even after several polite requests we're unable to respect us or the years off hard work we have put into the farm. Your lack of respect was truly frustrating for my family, my staff and the other volunteers on the farm.

We enjoyed having Iza on the farm and it felt unfair to ask you both to leave but when it comes to the well being of the animals and the health and safety of the guests then this will alway be our priority.

Do say a warm hello to Iza if she still traveling with you !

Anyone reading Joses review I urge to please contact some of the other Volunteers that we have had on the farm for a realistic view of us our family and business.

Lucia was here with us and has also spent time with Jose and will be able to describe the actual situation !

Jose even though you took the time to write these untrue things we wish you all the best and safe travels.

//Paul, Marta, Dylan, Oscar and all the animals.



The experience was what I expected and even more. Getting in touch with farm animals all over the place was fullfilling, lots of different tasks, from cleaning, cooking, animal caring and much more.
Paul and Marta made me feel like home.

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Paul was really kind a comprehensive. Shame we couldn't meet because of coronavirus but hopefully I'll get there someday soon.

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