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As a volunteer with us you have the opportunity to assist in a kindergarten, to assist with teaching English in the local Lija Community Center and to help out with our rescued animals.
We speak English and will guide you during your volunteer experience. Optionally, you will also have the opportunity to practice your Spanish in an encouraging environment at Pachamama's house, at the kindergarten and at the Lija Community Center. Note: You do not need to speak a word of spanish to help as a volunteer.
At the kindergarten, you can assist in the classroom, supporting the teachers and playing with the kids who are between 3 and 6 years old. Volunteers love helping and playing with the wonderful students at the very beginning of their education!
At Pachamama’s house we have 11 cats, 2 dogs and 7 birds, which we have rescued over the years. You can share your love of nature with us by helping us care for our rescued animals and supporting in organized beach clean ups.
The volunteer opportunities we provide can be mixed and matched and are explained in more detail in their respective sections (see links to our experiences below).
Our volunteer house is on the same latitude as Hawaii and enjoys nearly perfect weather year-round. Puerto Vallarta is a traditional Mexican city with beautiful beaches and mountains. It is full of attractions, restaurants and cultural activities.
Pachamama's house is located in a respectful community in the Brisas del Pacifico area of Puerto Vallarta and is shared by you, our family and our rescue animals. There is a separate entrance to your space. There are 3 different rooms for you to choose from. One shared room for up to two volunteers with a fan, one room with a/c, a tv, and a curtain as a door to the kitchen area (which is empty from approx. 10pm-8am), and a larger private room with a/c and a large tv. We all share 2 bathrooms and the living/kitchen area.
There is a good work space, reliable internet connection, and a respectful community surrounding you at your home in Puerto Vallarta.

When you are not volunteering there are many things to do around us! Great local restaurants are in walking distance or a bus or uber ride away. The main strip downtown and the closest beaches are 20-40 minutes away and visited regularly by our volunteers.
during your free time or on the weekends you may enjoy dancing, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, paragliding, trekking in the mountains, visiting nearby towns or spending days on the unspoiled beaches.
We can make recommendations for tours and other activities based on your interests. We may also act as your guides and come with you to show you the best places! We ask that volunteers cover transportation and meals for those occasions.
If you would like to volunteer with us please let us know, we would love to get to know you and welcome you to the family!
-Vero and Su

– ABOUT US – We are Su and Vero. I (Vero) have been working with volunteers in Peru for 12 years through my NGO Peru Peru. I moved to Mexico 1.5 years ago to open a second volunteering location after meeting Su, who was a volunteer with me in Peru. Su has devoted her life to others, working as a doctor’s assistant in Puerto Vallarta for 20 years and now we run Pachamama’s house together! We speak fluent spanish and good english and have hosted volunteers from over 30 countries. We would love to get to know you in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while you help our local community.

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Sui and Vero are such good people! I loved my stay here so much , I want to go back already ! This was an amazing experience I feel like I gained a true family from this experience. They were so welcoming and made me feel at home. The volunteering was great, I went to the kindergarten… the kids are so fun to be around, they bring light into your day. The activities such as dance was so fun!! Everything about this trip was great

hace 12 horas



The hosts, Su and Vero, are very polite and considerate of others. I went there by myself but I didn’t feel any stress or discomfort. They always cared about me and other members. I enjoyed so much staying there and really wanna come back one day. Thank you again, Su and Vero. Keep in touch and Love you guys.

hace 12 días



The experience was fun! Not only did I practice teaching but I also had Spanish classes which gave me a little nudge to delve into that language. What's more, there were dance classes (salsa, bachata). Sue and Vero showed me around, I also loved the friendly atmosphere they created in the house. Thank you!

hace 15 días



This has to be one of my favourite travel experiences! After being on the road for years now, I haven’t been to a place that made me feel so at home. The food was nutritious, delicious and there was so much health and wellness to share. Su and Vero are the best hosts. They listen to you and provide you with the best care. They make sure your needs are met and make you feel so valued. I could have stayed forever! The experiences are incredible. The school is so rewarding and I loved salsa, yoga and even joined a gym for my months stay. YOU HAVE TO GO!

hace 18 días



Su and Vero truly made me feel at home during my stay. They treat all the volunteers like family. I went through some difficult personal circumstances during my week with them, but they went above and beyond to make me feel supported. I'm really glad I had them to go to. The accommodation and house feels very safe and clean as well, and I had a whole room to myself. Highly recommend!

hace 27 días

Suilma Esmeralda respondido

Gracias querida Nini!
Eres una chica extraordinaria y por ello mismo te mereces lo mejor de la vida hoy y siempre, aveces experimentamos algunas experiencias poco agradables, pero éstas siempre traen gran aprendizaje y nos ayudan a estar mas fuertes.
Asi que ahora eres una guerrera, fuerte, valiente y con grandes cualidades desarrolladas, sigue adelante siempre con optimismo, que todo pasa por una buena razon.
Te queremos, family 4ever!

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