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We are a medium sized hostel in the heart of London. We have been offering travellers a cosy and friendly place to stay, with home qualities within a friendly community of people from around the world. A sociable, chilled place for backpackers to take a breath and feel at home. We consider the hostel our home and all its people our family. We want the volunteers help us make all guests coming through to feel as a part of this family. The hostel is a Hen and Stag free zone, and attracts people who wish to stay in a homely, traditional hostel with a shared kitchen, lounge, tv room and with up to date amenities such as high speed wifi, and free to use computer. We are looking for people who want to create a happy home for yourself and the people you share that happy place with. It is important to us to always have fully equipped kitchens, large communal spaces and very high-speed wifi.

What makes our hostel what it is however is the people staying inside, the friendships that are made and the kind, welcoming atmosphere. We love hosting people from all over the world, exchanging stories and learning about different cultures. Our philosophy is take a breath, enjoy our ambience, and take some time out to explore the city further. A common theme for our guests here is that they plan to stay just a weekend and end up staying for weeks!

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There's a good reason why they call Prime a "home away from home". From the moment I arrived, I really felt like it. The people that live at the hostel are what make it so special, for sure. It's like being in a big family :)
Besides that, the location is amazing and the work load is really fare. Leo is great! He's always making sure things are balanced between having the place as our home and keeping the hostel running properly. And he does it in a great way!
The other staff members are also incredible work mates. Everyone is always doing what they can to help each other.
I recommend it!

22 días atrás


Great experience!
Very well located and the kind of place that makes you feel like home. We are a big family, the fully equipped kitchen is more than just a place to cook but where all the good fun happens without disturbing who’s in the rooms. There’s a shower room but also private toilets which gives a privacy feeling that some hostels don’t have. The shifts and tasks are acceptable and flexible.
You just have to be lucky enough to apply on the right time because once you’re there no one never wants to leave!
To Leo and everyone that was part of my journey here, thank you very much!

1 mes atrás


If you're a traveller you have to know that this place is the Best if you are looking to feel like home and have a new family of friends, the vibes are so cool and the house is amazing! You will never feel alone :) also the working vibes are great between the team and the guests and the location of the hostel is one of the best that you can find in London ❤️

5 meses atrás


I had the best time ever!
The job is pretty easy, the staff people are amazing and the room couldn't better...

6 meses atrás


Baggies has been incredible! It's like being welcomed into someone's home and gaining an enormous family. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The work is reasonable, the hostel/location are great and Leo is a kind and gracious host. Definitely recommend!

8 meses atrás

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