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The traveler who enjoys simplicity and is not chasing urban experiences in a frenetic way and is keen to connect to a rural area and settle in its reality for a while will be fitting in well at my place. Also, if he/she is interested in meditation and spirituality, the better.

I live alone in the countryside, with my 2 dogs. I am a peaceful individual, I appreciate the simple things and lead a quiet life. I eat vegetarian, but I can provide also meat-based dishes for volunteers. I do not smoke, nor drink alcohol, but I accept people who do it, smoking is allowed outside and drinking, within reason. I am a friendly, communicative person, I have common sense and I respect diverse opinions and am open to learn about people and cultures. My pragmatic side is most of the time leading my choices. The volunteers will be treated with respect and consideration and will be helped to settle in.


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Bianca was an absolutely amazing host. So accommodating, eager to understand what I was looking for in the experience (and show me local / Romanian foods, places and traditions), and very flexible and welcoming. She really cares about building a connection with her volunteers, and it shows :)

The work isn't too hard, even though I asked her to make use of my heavy labor abilities hahaha. General upkeep in the house / in the yard, helping her maintain the fruit trees and garden, etc. I helped renovate some of the older features on the property (light construction stuff) and it was all lovely

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Mi primera experiencia en worlpackers en la casa de Bianca fue súper excepcional!!😊 mi tarea en diciembre fue ayudarle a guardar lenya en el cobertizo que tiene en el jardín. Trabaje incluso menos horas de las que pedia, porque ella insistía que ya estaba bien por hoy .Bianca es muy buena persona y se preocupa por todo cuando estas en su casa.Yo recomiendo ir de voluntario a su casa 100%.Me llevo una gran amistad de Rumanía y ella sabe que cuando quiera venir a visitar España tiene casa en Valencia. 😊😊

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bianca respondido

Gracias, mi amigo 😊 ¡Realmente disfruté tu compañía! ¡Mantenerse en contacto!

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