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We are scheduling volunteers who want to stay three months or so. Stay in our recently completed private volunteer quarters (we uploaded some photos). We do a Skype interview to answer questions.

Enjoy a rainforest nature experience deep in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. Learn about what it takes to design a "high end" boutique bed and breakfast for discerning guests. We help with beach visits or camping in Culebra or Vieques one or two days a week. The Rainforest Inn is a very peaceful nature retreat prefect to de-stress. Our private hike goes to a secluded waterfall and pool.

We love our volunteers and often they return in later life to visit. We also take care of special needs like buying food for vegans (we are vegetarian). We are producing a bi-weekly podcast and if a volunteer is a good photographer and/or a sound editor we would love it. You can listen to the podcast by googling "Puerto Rico Travelcast". We expect 30 hours a week and lots of flexibility on hours and days off. Because we are a working bed and breakfast you must be clean, mature, and appropriately dressed.


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Closed to Guests (Sept, not July): Lovely, 6/5 stars! Great food, fair work, incredible stay in luxury rooms, open use of property. Renee was kind & fun. Sweet pets.

Open to Guests: Not what I expected nor was promised. 25 hours of work plus on call (often urgent with no notice), volunteer 'kitchen' is a fridge & sink (you can only use the full kitchen from 5-6:30 PM), and there are rules on when you can use the property spaces (aka go anywhere outside your room). The hosts are noticeably more stressed when open. I was also very uncomfortable after seeing how they treated Maranda.
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Bill respondido

Unfortunately McKenzie didn’t understand that when you volunteer in a hotel there are guest areas and facilities where the guests have priority over even the owners. I believe a volunteer who came before her may have contributed to that confusion. We were closed for repairs during much of the time that she was here and at that time she was free to even enjoy one of the guest suites. She also left a month early which left us stranded. She was a nice girl. We wish we had known that she had a problem with these issues then maybe we could’ve done something about it while she was here although I think the source of her problems was a friendship with another volunteer who was asked to leave just a week after Mackenzie got here because of being condescending too often for our comfort.

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I had an amazing time during my stay in PR! Bill and Reneé are FANTASTIC people and make this beautiful place feel much like home not to mention the level of understanding they have towards others is great! They are very sweet people and I plan to go back I would definitely recommend this experience!

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I felt that the work environment was tumultuous, the expectations were unclear, and that I was unable to occupy the property except for the volunteer dorm. I requested level setting discussions numerous times, and the hosts were unable to do this. I do not recommend this exchange to anyone, especially Black people because I feel the hosts are racist. I will gladly share more details with those who inquire.

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Bill respondido

Maranda and the Rainforest Inn were disappointedly not a good fit. Racism played no part in it.



As my first world packer experience, it was just what I needed. Bill and Renee are some of the sweetest and caring people. They make you feel like it’s your second home. This is a amazing opportunity if you want to get away from everything and surround yourself with nature.

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Bill respondido

Khagi - We miss you! We wish all our volunteers were as pleasant to have around as you. I hope you are doing something exciting and challenging!

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Bill & Renee are incredibly gracious hosts who try to make the best experience for the volunteer. They provide very comfortable living quarters as well as food and have the best volunteer bathroom I have ever seen. All of us have different chores depending on what is needed such as being a barista, gardening, painting, housekeeping, etc. I made coffees in the morning and painted or did yard work in the afternoon. For days off they are very accommodating and will drop you off at the beach for the day and are flexible you want to plan a short trip to see the other islands. I highly recommend.

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