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Hello, my name is Emilio Gonzalez. My family and I have a farm where we develop sustainable sowing activities and ecotourism. Travelers can volunteer on our farm and in exchange will get to have an experience in the natural forest just 1.4km from town of Bahia Drake. We offer all our volunteers a natural environment, surrounded by green, a tranquil place. We also offer camping area hammocks, a daily basic product from our garden and using with any of your meals., Breakfast Lunch and dinner can be bought in the supermarket and prepared by your self on the farm. 4 hours of work each day. Our Organic Garden. Bananas pine apple. sugar cane yuca cacao curcuma Oregano Ginger seed castaña seed Guayaba Medicinal plants we olso offer Locals Tours / in our Farm Night Tour Bird-Watching Tour Tubing TubeTour. Waterfall Tour Aperfect places for biology studens and Nature lovers help our family to preserved.

Mi nombre es EmilioGonzalez. mi familia llego a BahiaDrake en 1928 y 1946. Naci y creci en BahiaDrake al norte del Parque Nacional Corcovado. en la Peninsula de Osa. mi papa crecio en BahiaDrake y trabnaja en el area de conservacion de Osa en el Parque Nacional Corcovado. Mi Madre creció en Bahia Drake . Tengo 4 hermanos y 1 hermana. Tengo 1 hijoy 1 hija. Mi esposa lidera la escuela dr DrakeBay con mas de 22 años de experiencia. nos dedicamos a la agricultura sostenible y el eco turismo. nativos de BahiaDrake y el Parque NacionalCorcovado. Dedicados a la proteccion de conservacion de nuestra tierra. Ayudenos a corservar nuestra zona. # NOTA. EN NUESTRA PROPIEDAD REALIZAMOS LA EXCURSION / TOUR NOCTURNO / ES IMPORTANTE QUE LOS VOLUNTARIOS MANTENGAN EL SILENCIO / NO RUIDO DE 18.30 PM A 22.00 PM.


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This place is fantastic! It is directly in the Jungle so there are no streets no noise of the city just the jungle noise. At night it's still pretty hot so you will be sweating even at night. The work is never really hard sometimes there is work that can be fatiuguing but it's a good experience and u will get in touch with nature. The food from the cook is very delicious and he is a very kind and cool person.

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Our experience was just amazing! Living and enjoying the nature! I just say it is nothing for people they don't like to get your nails dirty or a few mosquito bits.. but who is curious like us will love it. Elmer is such a cool guy with a big heart. Thank you so much! Falling a sleep with the noise of the insects and waking up with the noise of the chickens.
We hope your projects will keep going for the farm,
all the best,
Thank you for the experience
Marco & Tanja

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In all together, Rio Agujitas has a nice atmosphere, in the middle of the nature, and the volunteers were also nice, just the only thing was for me that everyone was a perfect spanish speaker - except me- and there were either couples or 3 girls all the time together so i was the only solo traveller there and felt a bit outsider. The tasks were not told to me, even i asked before i got there. The work i got was quite hard physical work, and not always felt fair as the jobs were given among the volunteers. But otherwise its a good experience, if u want to know more, write me in mail :)

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Rio agujitas es un lugar mágico que te atrapa. Vives rodeada de un paisaje increíble, naturaleza, animales, río... También las personas que lo gestionan son estupendas y te hacen sentir familia desde el primer momento. Las tareas son sencillas, con animales, plantas... Lo recomiendo totalmente.

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This place is truly a jem for nature lovers. You're fully immersed in the jungle. The work is tough but rewarding, nothing impossible. You have plenty of time to enjoy the place Elmer is a kind and patient host, and a very good cook as well. I also learned a lot about the Costa Rican biodiversity with him. Just be prepared for farm work, seeing lots of snakes and spiders, and bring long socks for boots!

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