Rio Agujitas Farm

Hello, my name is Emilio Gonzalez. My family and I have a farm where we develop sustainable sowing activities and ecotourism. Travelers can volunteer on our farm and in exchange will get to have an experience in the natural forest just 1.4km from town of Bahia Drake. We offer all our volunteers a natural environment, surrounded by green, a tranquil
place. We also offer camping area hammocks, a daily basic product from our garden and using with any of your meals., Breakfast Lunch and dinner can be bought in the supermarket and prepared by your self on the farm. 4 hours of work each day.

Our Organic Garden.
pine apple.
sugar cane
castaña seed
Medicinal plants

we olso offer Locals Tours / in our Farm
Night Tour
Bird-Watching Tour
Tubing TubeTour.
Waterfall Tour

Aperfect places for biology studens and Nature lovers

help our family to preserved.

Mi nombre es EmilioGonzalez. mi familia llego a BahiaDrake en 1928 y 1946. Naci y creci en BahiaDrake al norte del Parque Nacional Corcovado. en la Peninsula de Osa. mi papa crecio en BahiaDrake y trabnaja en el area de conservacion de Osa en el Parque Nacional Corcovado. Mi Madre creció en Bahia Drake . Tengo 4 hermanos y 1 hermana. Tengo 1 hijoy 1 hija. Mi esposa lidera la escuela dr DrakeBay con mas de 22 años de experiencia. nos dedicamos a la agricultura sostenible y el eco turismo. nativos de BahiaDrake y el Parque NacionalCorcovado. Dedicados a la proteccion de conservacion de nuestra tierra. Ayudenos a corservar nuestra zona. # NOTA. EN NUESTRA PROPIEDAD REALIZAMOS LA EXCURSION / TOUR NOCTURNO / ES IMPORTANTE QUE LOS VOLUNTARIOS MANTENGAN EL SILENCIO / NO RUIDO DE 18.30 PM A 22.00 PM.

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The host didn't communicate with me how remote this place is. I wasn't informed that it's in deep jungle and for some people, that's great, but the jungle isn't for everyone. For example, a grocery store is a 40-min walk from the farm and you have to cross a river and go up steep steps to get to the top. You need to buy your own groceries at this place. I think this project is a beautiful idea that I would love to see flourish but communication is a key thing this place needs to work on.

hace 26 días

Rio Agujitas respondido

you had send me several mail.
i had send you 2 videos

some people wnat a free hotel next to the beack
you know b -c we have several rivew
2 videos. .

no excusas b-c you had red our information.

here is a clear info that you had in our

another video.

if you really love nature this is the places.
thanks for your visit

Hong Kong (Sar)


The experience of Rio Agujitas was great! We lived in jungle and worked with animals like feeding chickens and pig. Be ready to cross the river, walk up the stairs, and deal with insects and mosquitoes. Other than that, you will gain a once-in-a life time experience! Thank you Elmer and Anna for the host and help, you guys are amazing ! Don't forget to try the food of Elmer, it's espectacular !

hace 3 meses

Rio Agujitas respondido

saludos .
muchas gracias por su visita.
fue un gusto poder compartir con ustedes nuestra jungla.
exito en su proxima parada.
aqui nuestro video para que puedan tener precente nuestra existencia.



Give the jungle the opportunity and it will open its arms wide and welcome you with a warm hug and guaranteed it will keep you warm while you’re immersed in it! Bring good vibes y buena onda and the González family will bring it back tenfold. A special place and it was an honor to look after it and experience it for the time I did.

Muchas gracias La Jungla y La González familia.

hace 3 meses

Rio Agujitas respondido

Amigo marcus.
fue un gusto compartir con usted todo lo que ofrecemos en esta jungla.

recuerde .,aqui tenemos un espacio para usted por siempre.

exito en su proxima párada.



I had a great experience! I really had the chance to connect with nature, which was lovely. Everyone was so nice and kind and the food (which you have to pay for) was delicious.

hace 3 meses

Rio Agujitas respondido

we are hsappy that you had enjoy our jungle
here our video to chare our jungler every day
hasta pronto.



La experiencia fue una inmersión completa en la vida de una finca en el medio de la selva. La finca está pegada al parque nacional Corcovado así que vemos muchos animales cada día. La cocina está espectacular ! Elmer es un anfitrión chingón, siempre pendiente del lugar y del bienestar de todos. Le recomiendo mucho este volontariado a Rio Agujitas EcoFarm, si quieren vivir una experiencia más cerca de la naturaleza y de los animales es el lugar perfecto.

hace 4 meses

Rio Agujitas respondido

saludos antonio.
recuerde que aqui tenemos un espacio para usted por siempre.
aqui tenemos algunos espacios disponibles., jeje

aqui nuestro video para que puedas recordar nuestra zona

Perfecto para ti si estás buscando

Contacto con la naturaleza

Vegetariano / Vegano



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