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The farm is away from the city and has easy access to Mangalore city which is about 40 mins by bus. The farm is fruit farm and we have some fruit to harvest through the year. If you like to learn a new skill and know how chocolate is made, you should volunteer.

I am open minded and would never stop learning a new skill. Have been working on creating a culture of sharing and exchanging ideas. We work with students from local college's and we are working on creating a creative environment at the farm. So be ready to pick up a new skill and share what you have learnt with the other participants at the farm.

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The farm would've been a much better place if there were more volunteers (atleast that's what I heard from a 2nd time volunteer saying that his first experience was much better) and keep in mind that it WILL be exhausting. Especially during my time (mid may) it was hard to work even during the days when the work was minimum. And because of shortage of people, even if the tasks were small it was scattered throughout the day so personally for me I didn't get enough rest and I could feel my fatigue building up towards the end. I did meet amazing people here but it was exhausting(the weather too)

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I had a positive experience at the farm, however, I left earlier as the weather was quite hot to do farm tasks.

The host is friendly and he will make sure you have a great time at the farm

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It was a great experience without any doubt.

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Mayoors farm was great fun with lots of other travellers to meet. Can’t wait to come back and visit when the factory is complete. Thank you for having me Mayoor!!:)

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This was my first volunteering experience. And it was truly Awosome. I got to meet people from all around the world and got chance to eat food from all around the world.
I had very learning and fun experience. Mayoor gave me some very important advice for my career and future. He has a lot of knowledge.
It was a very wonderful experience for me and would love to come again.

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