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We are Looking for Volunteers, Donors, Well-wishers who are ready to collaborate and partner with us in a working together spirit to help us improve lives of the less fortunate children, households and families in the Mfangano and Sister Islands communities by participating as tabulated under the listed projects categories: - 1. EDUCATION • Fund-raising for the improvement of Primary Schools and High Schools Infrastructures and the Education of needy children plus the endangered Islands' girls child education. • Teaching any class from kindergarten to high school (people with relevant experience and training) 2. HEALTH CARE • Fund-raising for Health-care facilities, food-staff, houses, and clothes donations, for the Aged and the disadvantaged and less privileged/less fortunate families and those who have been abandoned by society. • Help from health professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) with running a local clinics and mobile clinics 3. ORGANIC AND PERM-CULTURE FARMING • Help us with manual work (digging, planting, weeding) and advice if you have relevant experience. • Fund-raising for farmers and fishermen gears (tools, water pumps, fences, pipes, nets, engines and boats) and poultry units. 4. ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES • Help with training farmers in agro-forestry, fruit tree production, reforestation, and vegetable production and encouraging all community members to help prevent soil erosion • Help with events, editing, translating books and manuals. • Help increase public awareness by talking with schools and other groups. Volunteers are also needed to encourage communities, churches, and civic groups to support tree planting projects, • Fund-raising for environmental issues 5. WOMEN AND YOUTHS EMPOWERMENT • Fund-raising for women and youths empowerment issues; • Help with Financial literacy and entrepreneurship training, • Help us improve the Micro finance Initiative which Support the disadvantaged and less privileged/fortunate Households and families on the Islands. 6. Help in organizing on-line fund-raisers and or approaching potential donors, organizations and funding opportunities for our community's support. 7. Help with on-line marketing for our activities and identifying viable funding foundations/organizations 8. Help with Successful grant proposal writing 9. CHARITY WORK: All kinds of support from individual Volunteers, group Volunteers, Organizations, and even well-wishers to either the Families or community are welcome.

A TRUST BASED TOTAL FREEDOM, FRIENDLY, RELAXED, MEANINGFUL VOLUNTEERING AND FREE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES' ATMOSPHERE FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS. We are Looking for Volunteers, Donors, well-wishers, organizations and Foundations to work with. Drop an email to collaborate and partner with us on community projects in Mfangano and sister Islands in Lake Victoria Kenya. 'm Samuel a teacher by profession, now 52-years old, I'm a resident of Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria Kenya I happen to be leading registered community based organizations (C.B.Os) and groups, founded with an aim of alleviating the suffering among the communities of the Islands that have been hit by poverty, hunger and diseases. We reach and touch needy children, widows, widowers, youths, the aged and poor starving families in the community, We strive to provide access to basic quality education, Health-care, farming gears, facilitate Environmental Initiatives and empower the disadvantaged and less privileged/Less fortunate households and families for sustainable economic development and self-reliance In so doing we have managed to send over 200 school dropout students back to school and through micro-finance initiative we have improved the standards of living of over 30 groups' members. I’m blessed with a Lovely, patient and a welcoming family, a family with a higher hospitality and integrity to all Volunteers, visiting my home from different corners of the world. In our Family we normally have round table evening charts during evening meals as we get the day’s reports from volunteers and asses the situations to help decide on the following day’s Learning activities. COMMUNITY PROJECTS RUN BY OUR ORGANIZATIONS 1. In EDUCATION We works to improve Primary Schools, high schools and postsecondary Education, We are supporting and or fully sponsoring vulnerable children's Education, We Support the girl child Education and offer Sanitary towels and other personal effects for the girl child of age 14 years and above, We Refurbishing old School Buildings and or Building new School Buildings, We are fencing School Compounds, and Donating School Lockers, desks, Chairs, Pupil's Uniforms, learning and writing materials, the plan is underway to Establish Feeding program to School going ages seven to twelve in a few schools with the Community and Volunteers Support. 2. In HEALTH CARE We fund-raise to help put up community Health facilities, equip them and charity run them to help improve services to the Communities' poorest households and helps them expand access to health coverage, We are also Supporting the Aged (the elderly persons), Widows and Widowers by Donating Food, Houses, and cloths, We also Donate Food, Houses and clothes for the disadvantaged and Less privileged/less fortunate families and those who have been abandoned by society 3. In ORGANIC AND PERM-CULTURE FARMING We focuses on empowerment and Sustainable economic development of Mfangano Island Communities through Organic and Perm-culture by offering farming gears Like garden fences, Water pumps and pipes to farmers to help Improve and develop organic and perm-culture gardens in the Community, Poultry farming projects are Established for registered groups. Plans are underway to support both Farmers and fishermen's registered groups who will be given revolving funds through Micro Finance Initiatives to use in buying farming tools like Fence Materials, Ploughs, Water pumps, Pipes and fishing gears like fishing nets, fishing boats and Engines. 4. In ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES We aims at overhauling Deforestation and unsound land practices by training local farmers and the communities on sustainable agriculture and reforestation methods to preserve natural forests, We Sponsor farmers’ seminars, workshops and trainings and also help by donating for purchases of Seeds and seedlings to farmers for reforestation. 5. In WOMEN AND YOUTHS EMPOWERMENT we help registered women and Youths' groups' members lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty by giving them revolving fund to borrow through micro-finance initiative and improve their small scale income generating activities for economic development and sustainability for self-reliance to help them achieve long-lasting benefits. 6. We also need Volunteers with the knowhow on GRANT PROPOSAL WRITING, organizing ON-LINE FUND-RAISERS in Diaspora, MARKETING OUR ACTIVITIES, and help in IDENTIFYING VIABLE FUNDING FOUNDATIONS or approaching potential donors, organizations and funding opportunities to support the disadvantaged and Less Privileged Households and the needy children go back to school, Improve our schools and Empowering our Women, youth, Young Self-help Groups and even the Aged, •Volunteers will stay with host families from the local community, based in a tranquil, rural environment •Each volunteer will have their own bed, but may share a room if belongs to the same gender or if are couples, Different gender stay in different rooms. •Each bed should have a mosquito net Volunteers will be provided with 3 meals a day by the host family, or receive a pre-packed carry lunch if the project is far from the host family residence. OR be bought if the Hotels are around. Food will be prepared by Host family as per the normal daily diet timetable and on the request of the visitor in case he/she is interested in a different meal, Any visitor who comes with his/her budget, all his/her meals will be prepared on his/her order and we will require a meals time table to be prepared in a collaboration of both the visitor and the cooks. We prefer preparing meals with the consent of all people living in the house/family and considering different interests of different house dwellers including Visitors. Volunteers have a trust based total freedom of doing whatever they want and visiting all places they would want to, they will visit our rich shrines and see for themselves some of the tools, utensils, vessels and Caves used by our great grandparents. 1) Volunteers Working with us will relax and participate in any manual work at their own wish they will a quire several educational opportunities including visit Local fishing industries and interact with Local fishermen for more information. We have, guided and connected Volunteers with different types of organic farms owned by different growers on the Island, Our Primary and Secondary Schools, Mfangano Island Rock Art, Our rich shrines, Spring Water sites, Mfangano Peace Museum, Our Seasonal Streams, the Soklo Plateau, Mfangano Tilapia Fish ponds, Mfangano Hills and even the beautiful view of Lake Victoria all-round the four Islands many times 2) acquiring aural History of our traditional and natural methods of organic farming which doesn't require use of chemicals and see how some of our people still use our traditional tools for both digging and weeding. 3) acquire our cultural and ways of Living and behavior 4) acquire the knowledge from our inherited traditional history on how our grand fathers and mothers led their lives. 5) admire and enjoy the Islands' good climatic condition, The most enjoyable Islands’ Climates conducive for all activities 6) admire and enjoy the Lake Victoria breeze 7) see all Species of different fresh water fish and even enjoy eating them 8) see and enjoy eating food cooked in the traditional way using traditional methods and the crops we grow for food. 9) share and Learn our traditional believes and our old ways of self-governance before the coming of the white in Kenya 10) They will learn directly and practically there and then how we do all our activities of all kinds of their interest/choice and in their field of learning even beyond. 11) The family has vast experience with all the four Islands and even the nearby parts of the mainland and their different locations meaning the volunteer will be helped to integrate in local society and interact with them as much as they can. Apart from Visiting the reach local sights in Mfangano, there are several refreshment Points around, we can always walk and meet people, refresh, chart, dance in Local social meeting points, view variety of activities around, we can as well go swimming any time we feel like and freely in Lake Victoria since we stay near the lake just 60 meters from the Lake, there are high chances of visiting various fish "Bands" and have a look at various Fish species from the Lake and types of boats used in fishing, there are several Bear-Pubs for Music and a variety of drinks, you can watch Soccer if you are a Fun, etc.

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