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Serene Light Gardens is a place of deep transformation and healing where not only you learn of how to live harmoniously with nature but also to find inside of yourself your unique contribution to the place and yourself and others.

At the moment we are Yasmín and Michael, the founders and Jürgen, elder and experienced garndener and carpinter and Felicitas, Designer. We make sure that every volunteer that comes can feel being part of the family.


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I did not enjoy my stay as much as I wanted to, because of multiple reasons. When I first applied, they had a lot of things you can do there listed, which I found out later weren’t possible there. The hygienic standard is also very low and they have a lot of rules to follow. But after all they are nice people and I hope they will find the right type of volunteer for them.

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Yasmín respondido

We are aware that Zoë did a great effort to adapt and discover a different way of living. We can understand that at her young age, it might be a challenge to adapt to living on a farm lifestyle. Honesty and communication is in our core believes (as she knew from our authentic sharing circles) and we do not know or see which are the "lot of things" that were listed that you cannot do here. There were plenty of opportunities to share her disappointment during her stay so we could find solutions and we always encourage people to openly share their feelings and difficulties.
Even though we have an open kitchen, we try to take care of hygiene, in natural ways, of course. But for a person living in a flat, dealing with the worm compost could feel no hygienic? Although is the most wonderful and natural way to bring fertility to a degraded land as this one was when the project started....
On worldpackers there are just a few reviews as we mainly operate through our website where anyone can read plenty of reviews:

Blessings to all!



My experience at Serene Light Garden has been amazing. I felt at home since the beginning and the place is immerse in nature, close to the beach and to the mountains, perfect if you need to disconnect and get deeply in touch with nature. The food was healthy and abundant. In the morning we used to practice yoga, and then we started working on the different ongoing projects at the farm, the hours were very flexible. Then we prepared lunch and after lunch we used to go to the natural swimming pools nearby, or to the mountains. I recommend this place 100%!!

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It is a blessing that I could come to Luz Serena as my first volunteering experience! I came to the Finca with very little experience with sustainable living and permaculture so the learning curve was quite steep at the beginning. Nevertheless, Yasmin and Michael are really beautiful souls who possess great depths of knowledge and are always willing to guide and share. The experience was incredibly wholesome and eye-opening - I went home not only having gained a number of skills and new perspectives but also felt nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Cannot wait to be back soon!

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Yasmín respondido

Binh is a jewel! Her sweetness, empathy and attentive listening blew me away since the moment she arrived. It was easy to became good friends and great team as working mates. She was able to expand her comfort zone in so many areas as she comes from city life and a so different culture. But she conquered every stretch with grace and honesty. We are honored to have her as part of the Serene Light Gardens family and she is welcome back any time. I treasure the profound sharings we had... even while managing the worms compost! Binh (means Serenity) blessings sister!

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