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Slum Progress is a cost-effective initiative to get children growing up in slums of Thika to think DIFFERENTLY through mentorship. The initiative utilizes food and educational support to get the kids a conducive environment from when we can prepare them to live better lives. Thika, an industrial city, has a population of almost 200,000. Out of these, about 100,000 live either in slums or in extremely deprived areas. It is a shame that a kid who's 10 has to go to work to earn their keep... it's a shame the same kid doesn't actually earn more than $0.20 for a full day's job... they also won't have any lunch and they would be lucky to get dinner. As Slum Progress, we reason out with the parents and guardians of these children to relieve them from work so they can go play in a soccer team and have fun, and just be children like any other anywhere in the world while attending school throughout. In exchange for the parent cooperating, we hook up a child with a person that can help them with food and educational support. It is a really fulfilling job that you don't want to miss out on. For what is better than changing one more life... on this earth? Come and help us get more kids out of child labor! Will you?

We've a lean staff of 2, with the rest being 'collaborators' - men and women who want to see change in their society and work with us to help us realize our mission of putting every child in school and away from child labor. We treat our volunteers - Kenyan and foreign - as PARTNERS, and not as employees or "donors". We will treat you with the respect you deserve, preserve your dignity, put you up in a safe, clean and comfortable house you can always retreat to after all the hard job with kids.

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