Summer Camp in Transylvania

Dear friends,

We are inviting you to spend this summer (together with other 30 international volunteers) at our SUMMER CAMP for AWESOME KIDS, located in Transylvania, Romania.

We would LOVE to have you at the CAMP because:

- A multicultural environment would be a great opportunity for all the children in the camp!
It is a pleasant way for them to discover other cultures, traditions, etc. (I hope young volunteers will share with us the specifics of their country of origin).
- Many students cannot afford to travel outside the country (they are from smaller cities or villages in Romania) and you, the Volunteers are perhaps their first contact with someone from another country with whom they that can talk, have fun together and finally become friends.
- Children from the camps will have the opportunity to use their English skills acquired at school.
- Beyond these, volunteers can influence them positively, they can become role-models for the children, they will make the campers want more from life, and they will teach them good values.
- We are convinced that the children will benefit a lot from this multicultural experience, they will learn a lot of things and it will become one of the best memories of their childhood.
So please, come over and help us accomplish that! :-)

WHY would a volunteer be interested in coming to Romania and join us?

- ROMANIA IS BEAUTIFUL and it's extremely WELCOMING! You will be located in the center of the country, Transylvania region, in a small village situated at 10 minutes away from Alba Iulia City (UNESCO Site).
- NO COSTS for meals and sleeping: we cover food & accommodation 100% and fun activities in the days off - Hikes and TRIPS by BUS to other beautiful places like Turda Salt Mine, Corvinilor Castle, Apuseni Mountains, Ramet Monastery and many others (transportation and entrance tickets are covered).
- It's a FUN and EXCITING project; the volunteers will have all the necessary freedom and support they need to design and implement the camp’s activities ( the campers are between 7 and 15 years old). We are talking about a lot of fun doing things like: water fights, sports competitions, scavenger hunts, carnival nights, theater, music, karaoke and talent shows etc).
- LOTS OF NEW FRIENDS (you will meet many other young volunteers from all over the world, so it will be a great opportunity to make new friends and have a good time together, both at camp or during your free time!).
- a lot of our volunteers keep coming back, so it might not be the first and last time we see each other...:-)
- The LOCATION IS PERFECT, it has everything we need, a lot of facilities and it’s as well situated in a nice and charming country side landscape, surrounded by nature.
- We saved the best reason for the end: the CHILDREN. They are amazing, very energetic, smart, lots of smiling faces, they get attached very easily and you will be their idol as soon as they see you! Trust us, it’s been tested already, just bring a good pen for autographs; in the last day of the camp you will be just signing t-shirts! :-)

- DURATION of the Volunteer Service:
- Each camp has a 5 nights /6 days duration- we mention this for you to know when is the arrival and the departure of the kids, so you can plan your activities accordingly. The last day of camp is only about meeting the campers to say goodbye and to sign their camp t-shirts. The duration of each working day and everybody's tasks and duties is something we plan together with the entire team, 30 people, when we design the schedule for the following camp.
- The minimum service for each volunteer will be: 4 weeks!
- Maximum – around 3 months (we start on June 7th, 2023 – and we end the season on September 2nd, 2023).

About your help as a volunteer at the Camp:

- You will help us organize camp activities (sports, in-door and out-door games, name games, ice-breaking games, Karaoke, Arts & Crafts, Painting, Drama, Dancing, etc.) and you will participate in all the trips and hikes which will be organized!
- You are invited if you want to be and Activity Team Leader - which means that if you have a good idea about an activity that the kids might enjoy, you are free to implement it!
It can be an activity for a mini-group of 12-15 children or for the entire camp – around 180 children!
(here are some ideas that our volunteers had: Photo-journalism Course, Dancing, Theater, Art Projects, First Aid Course, Aikido Lessons and so on..:-)
- Cleaning and related duties (after the workshops, for example, arts & crafts, or painting or when we do cutouts and collages, etc.) it is in our responsibilities to leave the place clean after each activity (the kids will do the job but you need to get them organized!!).
- Also, we help serving the meals, once the plates are ready (we are a big group and it saves time)
- Spoken language: English (some kids speak German or Spanish, Italian so…that can help also!)
- Your age: between 18-40!

If you are interested to join us, drop an email!
We are looking forward hearing from you! :-)

Camp Director

Logistic Details:

- Search Alba Iulia on a Romanian Map, this is where we will meet!
The camp is located at 10 minutes away from the city, so we will pick you up by car when you arrive. There are three airports in the area, Targu Mures, Cluj and Sibiu, all around 1-2 hours away. There is a train station with some international connections, and a lot of buses going all over Europe! We will help you get this organized!
- WE COVER ALL COSTS: accommodation, meals, other trips which we will organize as part of the camp's schedule.
- Volunteers have one day off between camps (one camps has a duration of 5 nights), so during this time they can travel on their own and visit some nice places not far away (like Dracula’s Castle in Bran, Brasov City, Sighisoara, etc) .

Other great reasons to come here… + ROMANIA IS BEAUTIFUL, and its people are extremely WELCOMING! You will come to the center of the country, the region of Transylvania, and you will live in a small village located 15 minutes away from Alba Iulia, a slow-paced city with a wonderful UNESCO Site. + Your meals and accommodation are FULLY COVERED. We also can provide meals to vegetarian people. + It's a FUN and EXCITING project: You will have freedom and support to design and implement camp’s activities that fit your area of skill and experience. Campers are between 7 and 17 years old. You will enjoy from outdoor games and sports to arts and crafts and dances. Team building challenges and talent shows as well, without forgetting our special Campfire and Carnival nights. + You will have the opportunity to join some daytrips and hikes in the free time, free of charge. By bus we may take you to places like an Aquapark with slides and a swimming pool, an Adventure High Ropes Park, a waterfall hike, and possibly some sites like the Corvinilor Castle, the Turda Salt Mine, the Apuseni Mountains or the Ramet Monastery. + NEW FRIENDS are waiting for you, since you will live and work together with other young volunteers from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to make connections and enjoy this experience together, both during activities and during your free time. + A lot of our volunteers keep coming back summer after summer, so it might not be the last time we see each other :) + The LOCATION IS AMAZING, it has everything we need, a lot of facilities and it’s located in a nice and charming village, surrounded by countryside landscapes and nature. + We saved the best reason for you to be here, for the end: Our CHILDREN. They are amazing, very energetic, smart, with smiling and grateful faces, they connect with international leaders very easily and you will be their idol as soon as they see you! Trust us, it’s been proved already, be ready to feel like a famous star and sign lots of t-shirts at the end of each Camp! :)


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Horas y tareas




Aprendizaje y diversión




Quieres conocer a una persona comprensiva haz este voluntariado. Muchos días yo estaba muy distraída y sabía que Daly lo notaba pero aún así ella siempre estuvo con una sonrisa todo el tiempo y muy amable.
Ella contagia su alegría y entusiasmo para hacer las cosas.
Además es un lugar donde compartirás con personas de diferentes edades pero en especial con niños y te darás cuenta de la magia de la vida y como pasa tan rápido.
Aprenderás el valor del trabajo en equipo y tradiciones rumanas. Te harán sentir como en casa siempre serás tratado como uno más de la familia.

hace 4 meses



I liked the place, the food and my partners. I didn't have fun when I had to work. I thought I was going to help with kids, then I was going to do on-site maintenance, and finally I spent most of my time washing dishes.
It seems important to me to know in advance when your day off is and your hours.
If you are going to do the experience of doing activities with the children, I think it is an excellent option. If you are going to do other activities, you could discuss this in advance. Anyway i was happy to arrive there i wish the best to the camp...

hace 9 meses



From the beginning I was warmly welcomed at the camp. Despite we didn't receive much groups during the month I volunteered, due to the season, I had a lot of fun. I could connect with my inner joyful and playful child, dance, laugh, and create beautiful connections. The responsibilities were clear, but they were constantly changing, so flexibility is a must.

I had a great place to sleep, and the food was enough.

Thank you Dali for everything!

hace 11 meses



This was a great experience. I recommend it for those who love learning new things and spending your time with other people.

hace 11 meses

Reino Unido


A unique experience helping with a few groups over the October half term. Friendly and welcoming people and the other volunteers were from all over the world, making the experience even more interesting. Thank you for a wonderful time!

hace más de 1 año

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