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You will experience the beautiful Westcoast Canadian lifestyle, meet plenty of new people, visit the amazing local Cowichan river and mountains, use our bikes, learn some cooking/garden processing or discover new tastes, do some island camping (weather/time permitting) Visit Victoria & Duncan, learn some resourceful building techniques, meet an amazing array of adorable pets, and learn some sustainable veggie gardening. Enjoy bonfires, music and the starry night sky of BC!

My name is Anita, I am a single mother to a teenager. I own a beautiful 2 acre property in the warm Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island. On our property resides 2 other individuals, 4 dogs, 5 cats, 10 chickens and 1 rooster. We have been living and developing this property for over 20 years and have hosted many work-exchanges long before there were websites for such things! Our mission here is to live in a sustainable community atmosphere building a site that nourishes both body & soul and it set up for community living into long into the future. We aim to grow as much food as possible, and continue to create a beautiful environment that brings us peace, comfort and security. We have access to one of the most lovely (warm-ish) rivers in Canada just a few kilometers down the road, its fun for tubing, swimming or just escaping the heat on its banks. To relax at home, we have a lovely sanctuary garden with a small pond, swing, bathtub and abundant flowering plants and shrubs. Personally, I have a food based business, making specialty food products and selling them, along with hot meals from my food truck at markets and festivals on the weekends. Some might even say, eating my meals will be one of the perks of staying with us. I will also be happy to share some of my recipes and easy cooking techniques. In the summer, we also like to go on picnic trips during the week, and we would be happy to bring you along to see a few awesome nearby sites. You will also have access to local hiking trails with spectacular views, bikes, or public busses to tour locally, or you can hitch a ride with me down to the gorgeous city of Victoria on Saturdays while I sell at market. In the evenings, you can enjoy a drink or a toke by our campfire, and great conversation and the magic of the West-coast BC evenings!

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