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We are all very easy going people. We love to learn . My wife likes to learn different languages. She is learning Spanish and German slowly 😊 we love animals and nature . We are happy to welcome people to learn from them. We are environmentally conscious .

We are a married couple and live in a rural setting. Our uncle lives on the property too he’s an older gentleman smokes a pipe and tells story’s . Gerry is a local man who helps us out every week . We are very relaxed type of people. My wife is Shirley Veronica and we are both counsellors and life coaches. We work from home . We like the simple things in life . We have 3 dogs and 3 donkeys. A world of birds around us in the wild. We are beside a forest and we have beautiful nature walks and a lake near by . Ideally we would prefer a couple or two people travelling together at this time.

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I can’t be more thankful with the family, they make you feel at home. I appreciate all the beautiful experiences with them. The tasks where really easy. They’ll make you part of their family and show you a lot of their culture and let you being involve in it. They help you in many different ways and always being open to have a nice and warmth talk with you. The place it’s beautiful you’re able to feel peace in here and enjoy all the nature and good vibe in the place. Was my first experience as volunteer and I would surely recommend it. I’ll be missing the family, I’ll take them in my 💚4eva.

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From day one they make you feel part of the family, they were always very flexible in everything, they are a family of very good people. Every so often they ask you how you are, they worry about whether you ate or not. The facilities are incredible (the wifi works very well) and the place is beautiful.
What I liked the most was the treatment, despite the mistakes of each one, they are always there to help you improve and give you a hand. My English is not good and yet they were always patient with me. I simply have words of gratitude and I totally recommend coming to this beautiful house.

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Todo lo que dicen los anteriores comentarios es totalmente cierto.
Ellos son una pareja encantadora junto con uncle Pat, Gerry y Rachel. Excelente ambiente tanto en lo laboral como en la convivencia. Son todos muy atentos y cordiales. He aprendido mucho sobre su cultura y costumbres. Recomiendo %100 que vengan y más si es tu primera vez. Para todo aquel que no hable mucho inglés acá aprendes muy rápido y divertido.
Más que agradecidos con ellos para alguien que viene de lejos y solo hace muy bien este tipo de recibimiento.
Gracias Martin y Shirley. Los quiero <3

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I absolutely loved staying with Shirley and Martin (aka mum and dad)!
They made me feel so welcome from the moment I arrived, including their friends and family whom I got to meet.
For someone who travelled so far solo (from Australia), I really felt like I had/have a home with Shirley and Martin ❤️
I am forever grateful for the care and love they showed me during my stay.
The work didn’t even feel like work as the environment and people were amazing.
The work was always agreed upon and advised of upfront so you knew what to expect.
I have so much more to say but I ran out of limit -😂❤️❤️

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My time at the Barn Lodge was truly a home away from home! Shirley, Martin and Uncle Pat are so welcoming and want to make sure you feel comfortable at their home. The dogs and the Donkeys are all so sweet and nice to have around as well! I also had the privilege to meet some of their friends and family members which was really nice; this really allowed me to get right into and experience the Irish culture which is exactly what I was looking for. The work load is very reasonable; they are very flexible and easy going. I wish I had more space to praise theses hosts even more!

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