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You will experience the true Moroccan life.
For instance, every Thursday there is a huge market, the souk, just in front of the flat. Visiting the Souk, you will feel totally immersed in the Moroccan culture. Farmers are there to sell their products, such as fruits and vegetable as well as livestock like cows, sheep, goats, chickens and rabbits. They are all sorts of food stands with typical delightful Moroccan food. You will find a large variety of dried fruits and nuts with of course our famous dried and fresh dates as well as an amazing choice of exotic spices… and clothes and artifacts of all kinds, some very traditionally Moroccan at cheap prices.
If you are interested, we provide local trips every weekend. For long stayers (over 1 month), we will organize free trips to places you would like to go to.

Everybody here speaks Arabic and a lot of people get by quite well in French. If you wish, we can organize some free arabic introduction classes for you. Just chatting with the students will already give you a very good start in that regard. Like everywhere else, the Moroccans are very eager to share their language and ways with you.

Morroco hospitality is notorious all over the World.

As teaching volunteers, you will learn how to teach (the preparation, the teaching, the follow up) with our specific teaching method, and why we set it. That knowledge could be useful for you as an additional skill. You might get a certificate from our organization.

The small town of lattouia is a lovely place bursting with Moroccan culture. If you are looking for a deep and meaningful experience different then your average tourism, this is the perfect place! The school is great and the teachers are amazing. Aziz, the local English teacher has a true passion for what he is doing and a pure heart. Dominique, the French teacher and long term volunteer, was a pleasure to be around and had a fountain of knowledge. She is a true teacher of all aspects of life. The students here at the school are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to learn. You can just see the spark in they're eyes. The people of the town are friendly and very interesting and of course, the food is delicious. You will learn from this town the true true values of Moroccan and also Muslim life in all it's beauty, something that is impossible to understand until you are amongst it. The visits to the souk market, being invited to eat tagine with students family's, singing and playing the guitar with Aziz and students and the beautiful sun setting over the town make this an absolutely amazing and unforgettable experience!


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If you are looking for a cultural experience supported by a group of dedicated professionals, I suggest you consider volunteering with Abdel and his team. I taught 9 - 19 yo students English at one of their schools, located in Attaouia, a small town 1h East of Marrakech. I taught 1-1 lessons for 3 hr/day average. I stayed at an apt 3 mins walk from the school. Meals were not included. Tried the local cuisine and also cooked. Abdel checked in frequently and small things were taken care of immediately. Two highlights were the deep conversations with the staff and the contact with the students.

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