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To experience and explore Denmark: The place where most happy people live ha ha just joking. DK has been awarded The happiest place on earth but since I am a therapist I do see a lot of unhappy people. Anyway. We live in a tiny country so it is easy to see many places and neighbour countries. Because we as a family have lived a lot of different places (7 different countries) and we are open to meeting international people. We would love to hear about your culture and though we are introverts ourselves, we enjoy chatting a bit over lunch or dinner. If you like nature, countryside and calm living then you should come here.

We are not a typical Danish family though. I am adopted from South Korea and Sven is from Germany. We are easy going people but both introverts and very busy at times so you need to also be independant and selfdriven as we have crazy periods where we work all the time. There is no stupid question in this house and if you dislike something please come and tell us so we can change things for the better. Working hours are 5 hours a week and 2 days off. It is mainly a housekeeping position because tasks are mostly cleaning and cooking but also other easy ad hoc tasks will need to be done like garden work or "babysitting" our teenagers if we are not home. Copenhagen (the capital in Denmark) is 1 hour away by train and you can borrow a bike to go to the beach (5km away) or to Næstved town (5 km away). If you like nature then you will love our place as we have forest and beach very close. If you want to see how other volenteers found their stay here pls. check them out here or under video gallery:

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I felt more like a cleaning worker than a guest. The main work included total house cleaning, cooking, gardening. This was more than what was initially agreed upon, and I often found myself working up to 7 hrs a day, instead of the agreed 5 hrs. This limited me, as Copenhagen is far away, 4 hrs round trip and transportation is $16. I practically spent all my time in the house. In addition, the host often asked me to do additional tasks after work hours, which further reduced my free time. The location of the house limits recreational activities, everything is far away and transportation for an

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Pernille respondido

Hi Andrew, we are sorry to hear that you feel this way because we disagree with your review and we wish that you would have told us your concerns while you were here in a more constructive way than as we had no idea that you felt this way. We have a different view of your stay and we dissagre with what you have written.



I really loved the time there ☺️ I’ve learned more about danish culture and even tasted it haha thank you for everything! Definitely i would love to come back someday

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The experience from Holbergs is nice and I am grateful for it. The Family is nice, welcoming, the tasks are clearly written, easy to follow. I loved to clean and cook, walk the dog and do small tasks new for the day. The room I got is very nice and you get the specific Danish atmosphere. The children are nice, the dog is funny and for sure loves to be walked.
The house is very modern, kitchen , bathroom all nice.
The nature around amazing, the city nearby great for small trips.
Thankyou for a nice experience. Pernille, Sven, Isabella, Alex and Foxy.

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I’m overall grateful to have had this experience! It was a beautiful home, and walking foxy each day/being in nature was a highlight. I do wish I was able to have felt more immersed in the family, or invited for at least one outing together, even if just to the store. The lack of this just sometimes made me feel like a stranger doing tasks most of the time, which is the role, but I think feeling seen more as a part of the household would have greatened the experience. Pernille was very nice, though I sometimes felt my actions were questioned, but it could have just been clarification!

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This was my first volunteering experience with Worldpackers and it was perfect to start. I am very happy that I had the chance to work with you and that you have welcomed me into your family. The tasks were easy to do and I always knew what I had to do because Pernille gave me a list with all the tasks every day. Thank you for letting me be with you, Pernille, Sven. Greetings from Austria

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