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Because we have lived a lot of different places and we love talking to international people. We are great fun and open. Love to chat and share experiences. We simply love the energy of having a volenteer staying with us and we wish we would have more space to open our home to even more people.

We are easy going people. Easy to be around and always open and available for questions or clarifications. There is no stupid question in this house. Working hours are ca. 5 hours a week and 2 days off. It is a housekeeping position because tasks are mostly cleaning and cooking but also other easy ad hoc tasks will need to be done like garden work or babysitting if we are not home. If you want to see how other volenteers found their stay here pls. check them out here: Chloe from France: Maja from Polen: Alessia from Italy: Miri from Germany: Pim from Thailand: Pim video she made: Valentina from Chile: Alexia from France:


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I had a really good time at the Holbergs. They are an open family and friendly. The tasks were clear and can be done in your own pace. I recommend staying with them!

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Pernille and her family welcomed me with open arms in a beautiful home. I stayed two weeks and I had a very good time :) I had a very cozy private room and she provided a lot of good food!

She gave me a list of tasks each morning, these were usually distributed throughout the day and I could organised myself between tasks and breaks

This position is perfect if you want to spend some time in a private room, enjoying the nature far away from big cities. Note that the house is located in a small town about 1h30min from Copenhagen, so I visited the city just during my days off :)

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She is the best.

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I really enjoyed my time with the Holbergs. Their home was beautiful and close to nature, and Pernille and Sven both made me feel very welcomed and at home. They were also flexible and accommodating to make sure I would have time to enjoy the area and visit. I’m very thankful for my time there and I highly recommend this experience !

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The experience was great! All members of the family were very friendly and I was well welcomed in several family moments and got the oportunnitie to met also their friendly and family, also kind people :)
The hours of work are fair and mostly directed to housekeeping, but you also have the chance to explore your abilities or other areas you think you can help.

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