The Zaïd Garden

Tagounite is a small town at the edge of the desert. Travellers like a lot the south of Morocco. The Amazigh culture is everywhere here and we love to share it.

We are an Amazigh family (Berber) and we live in a tradional and simple way. We are used to have different nationalities and cultures and we love to share and exchange different way of thinking and living. The volunters will have a simple bed in a room they might share with other volunteers. They will have a shower and toilets, and we provide bed sheets and blankets. They will be able to have an internet connection (with my personal key they can charge). The place is full of good energy and for those who want, you can have yoga, meditation and reiki.

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Incredible moments! Nice work with a good farm . The food was awesome and every day the oportunity to listen te Nomad Band , of local guys . Really close to the village ! Thanks for everybody !

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