Tribojam Community

Welcome to Tribojam Community! 🌿🤝🌍

Make sure to also read the description of the position you apply for. 🧐

During your stay, you're invited to participate in all activities that could be in place depending on the skills available. This includes workshops 🎨, walks in nature 🌳, sailing ⛵, morning yoga 🧘‍♀️, and more. Feel free to suggest any activities you'd like to see happen! 🙌

You'll rest comfortably in a dorm room or tent 🏕️. We provide mainly vegan meals 🥗, with occasional meat or cheese for those who prefer it. You're expected to assist in meal preparation on a rotational basis, depending on how many guests we have. For extras like sweets, cheese, beer, or extra meat, you'll need to purchase these yourself. 🍻🍫🧀

What do we expect from you? 🤔

We encourage you to arrive with an open mind, ready to step out of your comfort zone. We view this as a vital part of community living and find it immensely beneficial for those willing to embrace it. 🕊️

Moreover, we expect you to lend a hand in meal preparation, and take care of your belongings and shared spaces, leaving them clean and tidy. Simply put, clean up after yourself! 🧹🧼

How much does it cost? 💸

To maintain our project, we ask for contributions towards our food, maintenance, and logistics costs. As you stay longer, integrate into the community, and naturally contribute more, the participation fee decreases. If you're an experienced construction worker, you might not have to pay at all - check the position info for details! 🚧🔨

Price per day (including food, lodging and all activities):

  • 1st 2 weeks: 77€ (5.5€ per day with a minimum of 2 weeks), regardless of length of stay - this is the new member fee of our association.

  • 3rd week and after: 4€/day, daily member fee.

If these tariffs are beyond your budget due to financial constraints, let us know so we can discuss a reduction. Please honestly explain your situation. We value fairness and trust in our community. If you typically travel with a higher budget than our rates, we kindly ask you not to request a discount. 💰🤝

Note: The minimum time to participate is two weeks. For a shorter stay, you can join us as a visitor for one week at 10€ per day. For less than a week, the rate is 15€ per day. ⏳

Mission Statement 🌍💫

At Tribojam Community, we aim to create an inclusive, harmonious, and nurturing alternative to mainstream society.

Rooted in shared experiences, personal growth, and creativity, our community hosts individuals seeking a meaningful shift in their lives.

We are devoted to sustainability, environmental consciousness, and the power of human connection.

As we journey together, we embrace the diversity of human experience, recognising the inherent value of every individual's unique path.

we strive to have all needs taken care off, including emotional, physical health, financial and spiritual.

Objective 🎯

Our Community unites people who desire to be closer to nature, learning to live harmoniously, and cultivating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Specific Goals 🚀

Living Together 🏡

As a community project, we are reimagining communal living for the 21st century. Our aim is to balance personal and community needs, creating harmony between the necessity for private space, personal time, and nurturing a supportive, unified group.

Music 🎵

Our community thrives on music and jam sessions. Boasting an expanding collection of musical instruments, a small PA system, and recording equipment, we aspire to eventually host a full-fledged recording studio and an array of musical events. Expect frequent drum circles and jam sessions lighting up our evenings.

Non-Formal Learning Environment 🎓

We have designed our community as a non-formal learning environment, complete with workshop areas, spaces for dance and yoga, and resources for art. Embracing non-formal education, participants are encouraged to develop skills and knowledge in areas that interest them, fueled by their own motivation.

Who Can Participate in the Project? 👥

Our project warmly welcomes individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with particular emphasis on the youth. We value interest in sustainability and personal wellbeing, as these are the central themes around which our project evolves.

As a participant, you are invited to immerse yourself in community living and actively partake in all sustainability and wellbeing activities on offer.

Normally you can use the Wifi, but we ask you not to use it for video streaming as this may deprive the others of its use. There is also a computer you can use with internet.

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You are in a mountain valley-the view of the sunset is unlike any other and right outside the house, every night. I met multiple absolutely pure hearted and clear minded people. The pace was grounded, peaceful. You feel the well intentions and the community. I completely recommend, feel free to reach out with questions

hace 2 meses

Michael respondido

The experience with Sage was more than we could ask for. I speak for myself but think for all the members of the community. Very balanced and calm energy. Very participative in whatever tasks or even suggesting tasks. If we could have Sage permanently she would be welcomed wholeheartedly. Thank you Sage for the memories and energy you left behind. Tribojam will be your home and refuge regardless!

Reino Unido


My experience at Tribojam was really valuable and transformative.

Everyone there is welcoming and embraces you in community, it is also usually very social with lots of other travellers to connect with. Feeling the breeze of the mountains at night and laughing into the expanse of hills in the sun gives you the freedom of the wind. It is the kind of place that is full of love in many forms.

I signed up to do music volunteering and i found that is was a great place to learn as i didn’t have much experience. because of this I also helped around with building and tasks that needed to be done.

hace 2 meses



Minha estadia na Tribojam foi mais do que um trabalho voluntário, para mim foi como conhecer uma nova família!
Adriana, Brigido, Pedro e Michel são pessoas incríveis! Tive oportunidade de conhecer e considerar novos amigos que vou levar para a vida! Rachel da Inglaterra, Ro da Itália, Ashish do Nepal, Gal de Israel e os brasileiros Amos, Rannieri e Clovis… além Sage dos EUA, Callum, Coenners e Kevin da Irlanda!
O dia a dia na Tribojam é maravilhoso as horas de trabalho são super tranquilas, as refeições o karaokê de sexta feira!
Super recomendo e agradeço a experiência! Vou voltar!

hace 2 meses

Reino Unido


This was my first volunteering experience and I had an amazing time at Tribojam. Lovely people, a beautiful place and valuable experiences. I’ve made the most incredible memories and learned so much. Thank you Michael and the team.

hace 2 meses



Had a brilliant time meeting everyone and being apart of Tribojam! There is an air of friendliness about the place and it started to feel like home after the 2 weeks. Having lunch with everyone was a great bonding experience every day.

I signed on for the music production, but I was also asked to help constructing the workshop roof. I wanted to help out, but i found this to be outside my comfort zone at times as I had no prior construction experience. I always felt I could decline however.

Overall though, I highly recommend Tribojam and I hope you guys have continued success with it!

hace 2 meses

Michael respondido

Callum and Danny were great volunteers. Always humble and friendly and helpful. Would recommend them both if you want nice people and energy to help out your project!

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