Tucano House Backpackers

Hello boys and girls Our hostel is located in Floripa and was once ranked 1st in Latin America and 8th worldwide. We are looking for motivated young people willing to gain professional experience on an environment like no other. Forget trainee opportunities with big multinational companies that wil keep you inside of the rat race with the ilusion of a fullfiled life. Having some work experience with us will give you the skills to be able to fit in any type of working environment, improve language and interpersonal skills, besides having the opportunity to meet people from all around the globe. It is like traveling without leaving the island of Floripa. And when you are finally ready to fly away for new adventures out of Floripa or Brazil, you will have all the necessary tools for it! We are preferably looking for Brazilians, but if you are a foreigner with some reasonable Portuguese skills it will be great too. The only mandatory skill needed so we can book a interview with you is FLUENCY IN ENGLISH, So if you are interested on experimenting an alternative professional life, write us back in English, telling us a little about your experience, plans for the next 2 months (the season is over in March) why do you wish to be part of our crew.

We are a tight crew with more then 10 years of experience running this hostel and also abroad, looking for young talents looking to learn and keep the Tucano Vibes fresh.

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