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Volunteering at my place will help a volunteer out of courses we offers he/she will get a great opportunity seeing wild animals, Historical sites, Museums and Landscapes which surrounding us means all these are found in our Iringa region few kilometers from in town. But also he/she will be interested with our cultures (Hehe tribe cultures) and a beautiful city by having good weather conditions which come from with plants like in Europe also he/she will be interested with Water falls found Udzungwa National packs including Red colobus monkeys species then the tallest trees in the World found in it. Further more Iringa is within Southern highland zone in Tanzania so by the government policy raised announcement that now days our Region has appointed as the centre of Tourism in Southern highland zone therefore after you come here you will hear people saying that "Welcome Iringa Tourism Centre" these comes because of our attractions we have here. Actually it's a very very beautiful place for people to live and engaging in variety activities like introducing projects and people are in need, although its people in Iringa are very kind and humble to others especially all guests in and out of nation and these most of guests who came they know well Iringa how its people look like. Shortly I would like the volunteers to worry out because they are going to enjoy more daily and daily after coming here in Iringa according to how we look like as people of Iringa also we are very richest with big National pack in Africa which is Ruaha National Pack, but other National Packs such as Kitulo flowers Pack and Udzungwa National Pack without forgetting Mtera Dam where electricity generating. Although if you would like to go out of Iringa just for visiting attractions to enjoy you will see many many Packs here in Tanzania such as : Gombe National Pack, Mahale National Pack, Serengeti National Pack, Tarangire National Pack, Mikumi National Pack, Kilimanjaro National Pack the largest mountain in Africa and the second tallest mountain in the World, Manyara National Pack and etc. But also Kidatu Dam in Morogoro, Nyumba ya Mungu Dam then you will enjoy walking at Amboni Carves found in Tanga but also Beaches like Coco beach. Volunteer welcome at my College we will share a lot of things in our courses we offers and also you will get to know many things from here in Tanzania.

For me I'm very very humble because I'm real a Christian under Anglican Church so expect that you're going to enjoy my presence once you arrive here, I value every one in my life so they will be treated perfectly and effectively. About my staff already told them that soon we are going to be having guests who will be volunteering at our College a good thing they are full of happy with them therefore our volunteers should expect to get a big cooperation from my staff everyday also anytime till they finish their time of volunteering. Thank you

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