Whoztale- A backpacker hostel run by a local family.

This is an unique volunteering project,we are going to start to develop our semi urban and rural areas. The project includes,general maintainance,lot of interactions,teaching and staying at a remote place. Please read the details below and connect only if it is relevant. We are a local family in the city of Kolkata.After running a tourist lodge,under the govt of India registration,from last 3yrs,we have started a budget hostel and planning to serve our society too. The project is divided into 2 separate parts.1st part is all about teaching kids at an NGO in the outskirts of the city. While the 2nd part is about staying with us in the city and helping us in managing the hospitality service. ■1st part:- You will be welcomed and accepted by us as our family members.You will be given a place to sleep in our hostel room and will be served homemade foods. We would love to engage with you and have an interactions about various things,so that we know each other little better by now.This is only for 3days,during which we will brief you about the NGO,their goals,the teaching program and the scenic beauty you will experience for next 15days. You will then go to this NGO to teach kids,this is in the outskirts of Kolkata.Where again,you will be given a separate room,authentic food and guidance to explore the magnificent nature, by the NGO's faculty. In return,you will be teaching,managing kids of this institution,through various activities with dedication. This kids are poor and under privileged,your participation in bringing their moral,confidence high would be absolutely instrumental for their future and appreciated a lot by others. ■2nd part:- You will come back to the city, in the hostel where you had stayed for initial 3days.Needless to mention that,your stay and food will be all covered.You will now get the chance to explore the "The City of Joy"and "The Cultural Capital of India",Kolkata. In return of you help of,working closely with us as friends in managing our tourists,helping in room decoration,group activities or just general cleaning and help in the household. We will be ecstatic to share our time,story and laughter with you throughout.Hopefully and most importantly,both of us will be able to create a life long memory beyond just a host and travellers. 🏨We would appreciate your cooperation for 25hrs/week.🥗All your stay and food will be free. ☆ If you are very social and curious and want to be among our family all the time and participate in whatever you may want.We will absolutely have no problem with anything!

We are BK and Rupa (Siblings). We live here with our family which includes,our parents, and a dog. We are living in this area since our great grandfather's time.And because of the family lineage we are a well known family in the society too.We have recently started our BnB for tourists,out of our interest of meeting new people. While you are with us,you will be treated like a family member too.Meaning,we will laugh together,pull each others leg,fun together,go out together,eat together without crossing the personal space.We understand that the foundation of any relation is respect.

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