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This lovely Old Ferry Boat has stolen the hearts of many a man. She is a National Heritage Ship, docked in Staten Island, NY. And we, her loyal crew, are working joyfully, tirelessly . . . to give her the attention she deserves; “readying ship” to embrace the public aboard by creating a stunning educational "Avant Maritime Museum" and a thoughtful meeting space, "Mutiny Forum" for global thinkers to embark upon and realize a new world for the good of nature and every kind of man! Being 110+ years young, life aboard this historic ship comes with antiquated water & electric. It can be a lesson in survival at times. Being in New York the winter gets very cold, and even though the cabins are heated, blankets and a sense of adventure is needed. By most people’s standards this is NOT a “comfy” experience in the cold season. A dose of good humor, forbearance, & fortitude is key to success. There is 24-hour public transportation (bus), just a half-minute walk from the ship. There is also free parking for crew with cars. We also have a few bikes for crew to use.

Her Lady~ship, like the Statue of Liberty welcomes all creeds and cultures. There is a happy, wholesome atmosphere aboard, which makes for a rewarding living situation for all . . . no alcohol, smoking, nor profanity. This is where the American Dream awakens to a world reality, and where the open frontier of thought begins. No one leaves unchanged. Be ready for mental and physical liberation! A bunk, stowage, all bedding, and towels are provided (cabins sometimes shared with another). There is a desk and seating in every quarter, as well as communal salons for relaxing, and open access to ships reading materials. There are a few "Wee Galleys" to cook up simple meals. Though the Ferry is stocked with basic food provisions, crew will want to supplement with fresh elements in order to round out their own dietary tastes and preferences. It's all here to be discovered and claimed as . . . Home!

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Victoria y Richard son personas muy amables y Frederik siempre está pendiente de ti en el teléfono,la experiencia en general es excelente, aprendes mucho para la vida, las dos primeras semanas el trabajo es bastante duro y la jornada es larga. Recomiendo la experiencia !

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The experience is great, it helped me overcome fears, disconnect, get to know the culture from within by sharing the church, birthdays, meals and recipes with the hosts. It's a wonderful way to travel and get to know more about the world. I recommend them and they will enjoy it to the fullest! ❤ Victoria and Richard are wonderful people!

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If you enjoy doing diferents stuffs everyday, if you are an adventure spirit going around this will definitely be your place! there you can learn every single thing about art, about maintenance and about humility lifestyle on a boat.
I really enjoy the experience and I will repeat it every holiday!
Victoria is just a wonderful artist with an amazing work hard spirit, she is really a healthy chef and she will make something super tasty with the most simple ingredients.
if you are going in winter take some warm clothes because NY get really cold!

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It was such an amazing and inspiring experience.
Richard and Victoria were very caring, always making sure I was happy and confortable with the projects I worked at and confortable with my stay.
Yankee Ferry is a one of a kind boat, and life aboard was really unique. It was like living in a floating museum! surronded by Richard and Victoria's art aboard of the oldest existing Ellis Island ferry. I felt very proud and satisfied to have worked in making her look even more beautiful.
Thank you for everything Richard, Victoria and Frederik Ahoy!

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Frederik respondido

Thank you for the sweet review, Karla! It was so wonderful to get to know you. Wish you all the best.

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