Zelena Sofia Farm

This is a very remote place in nature where you are going to feel one with nature in the wilderness. We are a permaculture farm. We have hens, roosters, ducks and drakes. We have a dog and a cat. We have a small swimming pool and great nature surroundings.

We are fun and love partying. We are open to interesting conversations and relaxing times. Veronica is a versatile individual, dance teacher and Human Design System Professional. Her background in International Relations and Marketing Consultancy add to her vigorous charm. Jelmer is easy going and fun to be with. He is very knowledgeable in different aspects in life with a background in banking, software, IT and Insurance Inspection. Angelina is a typical teenager, very social, fun, smart and outgoing.

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This experience is amazing if it what you are looking for. You really get to experience life on a rural Bulgarian farm. You do a lot of work outside and together with the nature. However, the work can be difficult and a lot, which is nothing that the hosts don’t already claim. But just know before you go, that is not just a little vacation resort in the mountains, rather a farm where you will be put to work in oder to help the family complete the daily tasks on the farm. Overall I really really recommend this experience. I learnt a lot and the hosts were all extremely kind and inviting :))

hace 15 días



The host family is very warm and welcoming and made me feel like part of the family, my daily tasks were consistent with what i’d expect from this environment and i believe the opportunity for personal growth is definitely here through the continuous teachings of Jalmer, Svet and Veronica

hace 23 días

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The work wasn't that hard, only sometimes but that was due to the heat. Sometimes I worked for more than 6 hours and my free days were rather "only 3 hours of work" than full free day, I reckon I only had one proper free day. Felt a bit unwelcomed and strange at the beginning but it got better eventually. Nice place but very remote so there's not much to do. It wasn't bad but I've had bigger expectations. Overall it was alright.

hace 1 mes

Veronica respondido

Wow, Klara! I am surprised from your feedback. And even more surprised that I get to read this here, while in person when I asked you for feedback, everything was great. So we were not friendly and welcoming enough? Next to a free permaculture course and free beer, you also got a free hike and picnic in the mountain, a free tour in another permaculture farm and a small international party, a free dance lesson of Cha-cha-cha and a free Human Design overview reading. If you were looking for more entertainment, you should have chosen for a paid holiday in a hotel, dear, not a sustainability project. Please, don’t forget that this is a farm and you are here to support us, because we need the help. That's what volunteering is all about. As well as doing it for Mother Nature, Climate Change and sustainability, not only for us. During your stay we share the same household and we are housemates. This means that even on your free days you still have to take part in the cooking and cleaning chores like you would when you are at home, even on weekends. On your free days you don’t have to do any farm work unless you really want to for which thank you, of course! We thought you were just loving watering the garden, and enjoying the physical load for the exercise. Maybe better and more timely communication is something both sides should consider here?! Success with your next volunteering experiences.



It was my first worldpackers experience and it was magical! Veronica, Jelmer and Svet are amazing people, I'm glad that I met them. I learned so many interesting things about farming especially permaculture.
Throughout the days the weather was really hot, but they have a pool so you can cool down a bit.

hace 1 mes



Veronica, Jelmer and Svet are very kind people. The work was hard sometimes , but that was largely due to the heat. The farm is located on a beautiful mountain and is the perfect place if you're looking for some peace and quiet. I learned a lot and if I had questions, I could go to Veronica. The only drawback I found was that I was the only volunteer, but Veronica couldn't help that because the other volunteer didn't come in the end. Besides that I would reccommend this farm and it was a good place to have my first worldpackers experience.

hace 2 meses

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