Zero waste house rebuilding with used materials

Offering accommodation only (you shop your own food) for 18 hours help.
I have no income and l am disabled despite that l look very healthy. In order to renovate with almost no budget and because l care to be triffty l have a ZERO WASTE RECONSTRUCTION of a bungalow to build a third-generation home for several people to enjoy the nature, the mountains and other natural beauty in those countries D-F-CH The Black Forest in Germany, the Voges in France, or Jura in France and Switzerland and not far away from a one to two hours drive to the Alps and another three border corners. Visit ancient cities like Basel, Bern, and Luzern in Switzerland, Strasbourg, Colmar, and Mulhouse in France, or improve your English, French, or German language skills and workability with tools on some constructional skills while helping.

Maida Maia Kiefer (Facebook)

ENGLISH: I need diligent helpers who see working as fun and not only as a possibility to save money on bed & breakfast. You come as a volunteer and leave as a friend. Preferably you are experienced in working on construction and all kinds of repairs. We agree on all you would like to experience and on what I need to be done before you start and I guide you in all you don't know how to do. You come as a trainee and leave with the knowledge that may help you in your private, but also in your professional future life. If you are experienced you will be treated as an expert and your ideas will be considered as a future friend coming back home. ESPAGÑOL: Tengo necessita de gente que quieren trabvajar y no solo buscan un bed & breakfast. Vienes como voluntario y te vas como amigo/amiga. Preferiblemente, has ya trabajado en construcción y todo tipo de reparaciones. Pero, si no sabes cómo hacer algo de trabajo, no problema. Me gustaría darle una guía sobre cómo hacerlo. Usted viene como aprendiz y se va con el conocimiento que puede ayudarlo en su vida privada, pero también en su vida profesional futura. Si tiene experiencia y está dispuesto a ser un experto y sus ideas serán consideradas como recomendaciones de amigos.


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Maida é uma mulher incrível, uma inteligência fora da curva, fala 6 ou 7 idiomas, e se preocupa com seus voluntários, ela integra a todos, se preocupa com a alimentação saudável, diversas vezes eu estava trabalhando e ela me levava um chá, uma água..
Eu super recomendo o local de Maida e o trabalho, mas já aviso, se for para lá, conversa com ela previamente sobre as horas, sobre as regras e o trabalho, pois como todo ser humano tem defeitos, Maida mesmo sendo incrível, tem dificuldades em expressar seu descontentamento, para evitar isso, é só seguir as regras e falar sobre tudo, ela vai ouvir.

hace 1 año



Maida is a very nice person. I enjoyed so much during my experience with her. She provided everything I needed and shared many stories of hers and her volunteers with me. I was encouraged to explore the area, the nature and sometimes she was even going with me. I was so glad to have participated in this volunteer work, which was not very heavy, and I have learnt a lot from the experience I have had there. The guest house was very nice and I felt very comfortable as if I were in my home. If possible, I would do it again and highly recommend to anyone who loves living in countryside!

hace casi 3 años

Maida respondido

KaKio is an amazing young person very disciplined, intelligent, interested in everything and speaking several languages. He had his rooms in order and was willing to do whatever he was asked. The time he spent helping me was very nice transgene rational communication and l felt as if he was my own child because he was extremely respectful towards me. I am looking forward to welcome him as a friend any time again.
Thankful for KaKio's help and friendship l wish him to find a home wherever he travels.



literal un hogar lejos de casa, maida es una persona muy especial, piri (mi perrita) y yo nos sentimos muy bien recibidos y no solo eso, me alegra decir que tengo una gran amiga en esta parte del mundo y un motivo para regresar.
ella es comprensible, casismatica y mil cosas mas. aprendi mucho de ella y estoy seguro de que lo seguire haciendo por que ella es de ese tipo de personas que quieres mantener cerca.
muchas gracias por esta primer experiencia como voluntario.

hace 4 años



I’ll admit I’m not perfect. Now, Maida is a really kind and sweet woman who just wants her volunteers to feel good, but her greatest quality is also her greatest weakness. She tries so hard that the volunteers feel good, that she stops taking care of herself, making her tired and with a lot of pain. This makes her feel not good. When your host is not feeling good, it’s hard for them to create a “feel good” environment for everyone else. Advice: stick to what is said in the web page and make no deals in word with her (she will forget or modify the deal). More details, private message. Good luck

hace más de 4 años

Maida respondido

My biggest mistake was to give in to Santiagos constant asking to go traveling during the time he was supposed to be helpeing after a free weekend. He wanted to leave because he didn't get along with the two other helpers.
None of this was my change but O tried to avoid stress for Santiago and they all left one week earlier not being able to make the agreement work.
I was not asked and my schedule was not respected.
So please Santiago, keep your own commitments and don't give others advises.
That was exactly why the other two volunteers didn't get along with you. You were the youngest of all of us but you felt like leading the work without being experienced in any of the tasks.
Please advise yourself in the future.

El Salvador


Maida es un mujer muy especial es directa inteligente, fue una lastima que mis habilidades no son las que ella necesita para continuar su proyecto, pero ella me recibió con los brazos abiertos, mostrándome una nueva forma de ver al mundo.
espero utilizar lo que aprendí con ella.

una experiencia excelente llegue como un voluntario y me fui con una nueva amiga.

dios te llene de bendiciones Maida.

hace casi 5 años

Maida respondido

Jorge is a very nice, kind and task delivering guy. My place in a village and countryside tasks we're all very new to him but he still accompanied them in a very honorable way.
It might have been better for him to do some admin work but as a private person I didn't have any similar task. All over, his help was great and he is a remarkable young man taking his duty very serious. I wish him all the best for the future and will welcome him with his mom one day back.

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