Help greet new people and give tours in Detroit



Nice hostess, pretty young manager. Guests have to clean their own mess, so relatively easy job. Just got bad feet, so didn't go anywhere a lot, but definitely I will be back to see my classmate there. And because hostess there, maybe I will settle down there in the future.

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Working with Karen on the guest house project was important, and I will continue to be available to run projects in the future.

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Let's start in the first day in the hause, meeting great people and they are all day help full, I am very happy, I am sure it was a good choose for going meeting the Detroit city, all the bus stops stations they are close the haus, are you will knowing the city the city it's good to go to the river and see the landscape enjoy

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Karen is a great host. It was my first experience as a volunteer and it was fascinating. Chores were as we agree and I had a lot of free time. I've met many interesting people and immerse in local culture. Detroit is a way better place than I thought before I came here.

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Karen respondido

And Alexey is an amazing volunteer and super smart. He helped with so many different tasks both at our NYC location and Detroit and gave me so many different ideas about all sorts of things. We spent hours talking about all sorts of things so that was really fun and I got to learn all about his culture. A very creative mind. Thank you so much for helping in NYC last minute and then traveling to Detroit with me and also sharing your amazing culinary skills with my family too! I pulled out some Borcht in my freezer and it was still amazing. Thank you!!





When we are traveling we did many sacrifices for our trip. It was not good to hear the bad things the host said. I not recommend this place

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