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Horas por semana
Ayuda y colabora solo por algunas horas a la semana.
Ayuda con varias tareas de reparación o construcción.
Ayuda en Granjas Eco
Siembra, cosecha y ayuda con tareas del campo.
Ayuda a plantar y cultivar jardines.
Ayuda a limpiar la cocina, dormitorios, baños y áreas comunes.
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Que obtienes


Días libres por semana
Un tiempo libre para explorar la cuidad o descansa un rato.
Habitación privada
Tendrás una cama en un cuarto privado. Sí, un cuarto solo para ti.
Habitación compartida
Tendrás una cama en un cuarto compartido con otros viajeros.
Tienes derecho a desayunos gratis cada día de tu estadía.
Tienes derecho a almuerzos gratis cada día de tu estadía.
Tienes derecho a cenas gratis cada día de tu estadía.
Puedes usar libremente nuestra lavandería.
Hay un lugar especial donde se lava la ropa sin costo.
Utilice nuestra cocina equipada
Siéntete libre de usar nuestra cocina y preparar tu comida deliciosa.
Obtén un certificado de culminación una vez que hayas terminado tu experiencia.
Recibe ayuda del equipo de soporte Worldpackers si la necesitas en cualquier etapa de tu viaje.
Verified hosts
Anfitriones verificado
Este anfitrión ha sido verificado por nuestro equipo antes de unirse a la comunidad.
Seguro Worldpackers
¿Algo ha sido diferente a lo acordado? Ponte en contacto con nuestro equipo.
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La Experiencia

We are one of the more experienced certified organic farms and have taken volunteers from all cultures since 1991. We teach a vegetarian and accept a vegan lifestyle with respect for nature and our fellow man. Our lifestyle is simple and wholesome. For many years we have created an environment showing a way to live without stressing nature and while sharing it many people have found friends here who also care about the enviornment.

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  • Inglés Intermedio o Inglés Intermedio
  • Más de 18 años
  • Pasaporte de la Unión Europea
  • Admite voluntarios solos (no admite parejas o dúos)

Lo que no está incluído

Vuelos, Seguro de Viaje, Transporte Interno y Visa

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Quédate al menos
2 semanas

Hable con los que vivieron la experiencia

En nuestra comunidad, puede hablar con worldpackers que ya han colaborado con este anfitrión y obtener respuestas a sus preguntas.

Puedes preguntar cosas como:

  • a) ¿Cómo fue tu experiencia con este anfitrión?
  • b) ¿Cómo fue tu rutina diaria?
  • c) ¿Cuánto gastaste en este viaje?

14 Reseñas


Anfitrión y Equipo


Horas y Tareas




Aprendizaje y Diversión




My stay in the farm has been quite exciting. Karin and Anders are a really adorable couple that will always be there if you need something and who work hard in order to meet the goals that each week has. It was really interesting talking with Karin, she was really respectful and comprehensive to all of us. I really enjoyed harvesting in general, but especially carrots. Preparation for the CSA baskets was perfectly organised and I got to see how the delivery is done with Anders and we spoked about many things. Also I learned how to bake the typical cinnamon buns and baked pizzas and bread.


Karin respondido

Alejandro was a joy to have here and you can see by his focus that he appreciates life and shares the enthusiasm. All the other helpers enjoyed his company too- The calm darkness of Swedish November did not faze him as he carried his own light.



I would like to recommend this Swedish farm where I stayed for a month. The working days are pleasant together with helpers from different countries and we all enjoy eating lunch together with our hosts, Anders and Karin. The hosts were also available to teach and answer questions as they work every day themselves and I felt welcome and appreciated by them. They are tolerant, welcoming and open minded and interested in all the new things people are learning about sustainability and the earth’s environment. For people who like nature there is a bit of everything with the nearby woods and lake a


Karin respondido

I think Jaime would fit in anywhere with his accepting and helpful nature. He has a lot of experience and learned and shared a lot as well. So fine that he enjoyed the nature around the farm fully and picked mushrooms and went swimming and did other things offered here.
He is a seasoned traveller and it was very interesting to have him here.



I spent on the farm two weeks, and it's way really good! I chose doing volunteering in this farm because I thought it would be a good opportunity to know more about vegan, organic and sustainable food. Karin and Anders were amazing with me, made me feel super comfortable and helped me in everything I needed. Karin showed me different ways how we can cook vegetables, and in a sustainable way. Being here was very good for me because I wanted to learn more about agriculture, and Anders was the ideal person to teach me about farming, I hope to come back on spring or summer. (:


Karin respondido

Everyone on the farm appreciated having Sofia here and we look forward to meeting her again. She was interested in how we grow vegetables and how to use only locally grown for cooking and this made it a perfect match.:)



I have spent 2 months on the farm, i've arrived on 12th of September and i had a great time here. The fellow volunteers were really friendly and nice people. Thanks to this place i've made a lot of life long friendships. I've learned a lot about cooking and farming in general. I've applied with 32 work hours a week which seems like the minimum work hours weekly, in reality on many weeks we worked around 40-50 hours a week, for me it wasn't a problem but i think it's important to mention. I would recommend this place if you are commited and hard working.


Karin respondido

We were happy to have a farmer’s son here as he understood the seasons and chose to stay on the farm most of the time. This also gave him the possibility of doing his web design job while living on the farm.

He took his days off at the end of the visit . The other helpers have been taking two days off a week and this makes their hours per week shorter. On our farm we have a monthly schedule paper where you reserve the days you want free and can take any day(s) of the week or week end.

I am happy Sándor added to his knowledge about farming from Anders and about vegan cooking and medicinal herbs from me. I certainly expanded my knowledge about vegan dishes from him. All in all a pleasant exchange.



Karin and Anders are very sweet people, of that kind of people that is hard to find. That is why all those situations that affect the family generate a lot of sadness. Last year they experienced a terrible situation with a boy called Jay. He was a person who did a lot of damage to the operation of the farm. He broke the rules on the consumption of alcohol and drugs. and continues until today generating fear for people who are interesting in participate. I'm as a lawyer I am going to take charge of getting his negative comments out. Unconditional love is what generated this experience to me.


Karin respondido

Thank you, Ximena, for caring about us as people. This autumn we have a cozy group who enjoy each others company and we are part of it.
We appreciate that Ximena wants to help and she was not only helpful on the farm but made lovely cakes from the abundance of apples, every day. When she left she was missed:)

We want to attract people who are genuinly interested in sustainability, farming and a vegetarian\vegan lifestyle which is kind to the planet.

We are happy to advise about places to see in Uppsala and Stockholm as well but most of the time (usually 5 days a week or 6 if you are here less than 2 weeks) the focus is on the farm and we prefer helpers who are here for that.

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