Teach English in the AMAZON Jungle of Ecuador

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The experience

Our Foundation has been working in the Amazon 30 years with a focus on education. As part of that we arrange to host English teachers to assist in the English classes of the rural community school near the Yachana. The school is about a 1 kilometer walk from the lodge. You will have a room, three meals at the dining hall/day, access to internet, electricity, and ozone filtered water. Invitation to participate in other activities

What you offer

18 hours of help per week

Teaching Languages: Teaching a language to the host, guests, or local communities.

Additional fee required

Amount: US$ 15 Per day

Fee pays for: Benefits for travelers

Description: We do charge $15/day to cover cost of food. Each meal daily is prepared for you in our kitchen.

What you get

2 days off per week

Private Room: You will have a bed in a private room. In other words, a room just for you.

Shared Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other travelers.

Breakfast: You are entitled to a free breakfast, every day of your stay.

Lunch: You are entitled to a free lunch, every day of your stay.

Dinner: You are entitled to a free dinner, every day of your stay.

Free Laundry: You can use our laundry room freely.

Free Hiking Tours: We’ll take you on excursions and hikes around town. For free!

Use our equipped kitchen: Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.

Certificate: Get a certificate of completion after you finish your experience.

Basic Internet Access: Basic speed internet for you to work remotely

Dedicated Workspace: Specific space for you to work remotely


Fluent English and Beginner Spanish

Between 18 and 60 years old

Welcomes solo volunteers, couples, and partners of volunteers

What's not included

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

Program Details

Participate in classes at the Agua Santa community school.

Will need to walk to the school, about a 15 minute walk.

Coordinate with the professors about classroom lessons and activities.

Usually a private room and bath are available. As a lodge there is a possibility that if we have paying tourists and need the extra room, you will need to take a room with a shared bath.

Activities & Shift

Approximately three hours of English class at the Agua Santa Community school, Monday through Friday. If you are willing and students are interested, some volunteers have offered to do additional tutoring on Saturdays.
Outside of classes you will have a lot of free time. We are also a lodge, and should there be small groups doing activities with guests, you will be invited to join at no extra cost to you. We are very rural so there are not other restaurants or activities right here, but there are various activities that you are welcome to arrange- visiting caves, waterfalls, town, etc.
We also have agriculture projects we are always working on here at the Yachana. If you would like to participate, just let us know!


Meals are served in the dining hall at the following times:
Breakfast: 6:30am
Lunch: 12:30 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm

No excessive alcohol use. Please be respectful of a place of learning, nature and our facilities here.