Opportunities to stay in the US capitol city, exchange culture and make friends with people from different parts of the world, at the same time, learn the american culture and language. Washington DC is very easy to get around and connect to big cities in the Northeast corridor. We are only 5 minutes walking from the nearest Metro station. There are 3 major Metro trains, 5 Metro buses, DC Circulators, and bike rental at the station. Workers can conveniently get around the city in their free time. Capitol Hill and Eastern Market are exciting and fun neighborhood with many restaurants, food markets, bars, and nightlife.

We are currently hosting interns and international visitors in our rooming house in DC. Getting help on hosting these international visitors who come from all parts of the world is the best experience. Opportunities include helping around the house chores, assisting guests in checking in and out process. We are looking for responsible and friendly people to help us host this cozy home. Our house is smoke free and alcohol free in all rooms. Quiet hours are also enforced.


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The host was very kind, but the environment itself is not the most pleasant and young. I was surprised by the space, the photographs are not up to date in terms of organization and cleanliness. However, the host tried to do her best, she always offered us food, I'm grateful to have been well received by her.

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Very good experience! Sirenaat is an attentive host, the hostel is nice, tasks are clear and usually takes 2-3 hours in the morning, and 1 hour at night. Days off are respected.
The hostel is 40 minutes walking to the Capitol, and there is a metro station and buses 2 blocks away.

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Sirenaat is very nice

2 meses atrás



I had a really nice time and Sirenaat is very kind. The work is manageable and the hours are good too. I would definitely recommend a stay here :)

5 meses atrás



It was a good experience! Sirenat was very kind and comprehensive with me. The hostel is very cozy and I made really good friends! It’s a great experience if you’re looking to met new people from other countries and exchange experiences 🫶🏻
The location it’s pretty good, you can go to a lot of museums and make friends very easily .

7 meses atrás

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