Dundee Backpackers Hostel

Friendly and relaxed hostel, full of history. The city of Dundee offers everything you need, and since we're in the city centre, you can easily walk to lots of interesting places, in just a few minutes.

First of all, we are travellers too, so you can be sure you'll find an understanding management. We consider all the staff members part of a big family.

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The work is easy and the staff is very nice and hepfull. Also you can visit a lot of beautifull places in the region, public transport is great.

9 dias atrás



I had such a amazing time in DBH. My initial plan it was stay for only 1 month and I ended up staying for almost 4 months. The work is really easy and fair. I can’t think in better hosts than Chris and Hervé. Them and the others volunteers made my experience here unforgettable. I’ll keep this place in my heart and I will definitely come back.

15 dias atrás



What a magnificent experience I had at this hostel! It was my first volunteering and everything went very well! Chris, Hervé and Virginie are lovely and always helpful, patient and willing to help. I was able to meet people from many different countries and make great friendships that I want to keep for many years. Ill be extremely grateful to each one because it was the most beautiful experience I had in my life. I hope to return to Dundee very soon. With love, Bella.

20 dias atrás



Dundee Backpackers is a great place, this was my first volunteer experience and it was amazing. The work itself it’s not hard and you will have a lot of free time to spare. The hostel is right in the city Center and it has great connections with other cities in Scotland. All the staff is really nice and is willing to help you. I had a fantastic time and it gave me the opportunity to meet another volunteers that are now my friends. Thank you for everything Chris, Virginie and Herve.

21 dias atrás

Estados Unidos


My experience at Dundee Backpackers was great. There is lots of daily tasks and so it’s best when there is lots of volunteers so we can all work together to finish. We always finish early (around 12:30-1). Chris is a great host and is super accommodating with days off. I highly recommend taking the bus to other destinations instead of train to save $, the hostel has so many amenities available to volunteers like games and places to have privacy. My favorite part was the Wii so I could improve my Mario kart skills on my days off ;) thanks Chris! I would definitely come back again.

1 mês atrás

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