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Our program is a fantastic way to see Poland through the eyes of Polish people and to connect with the locals. You will be treated to authentic Polish cuisine and you will learn lots of local customs and traditions. Our program is also great experience for people looking to get into the field of ESL education or leadership related fields. We also provide participants with a certificate upon completion of our programs commending them for their hard work. Program dates are as follows: 2020 January 13-17 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Program January 27-31 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Program February 17-21 (Poznan) - Youth&Adult Program March 16-20 (Poznan) - Adult Program March 21-22 (Poznan city) - Weekend Program March 30-April 3 (Poznan) - Adult Program April 27-May 1 (Poznan) - Adult Program May 11-15 (Poznan) - Adult Program June 1-5 (Poznan) - Adult Program June 21-25 (Poznan) - Adult Program (Sun-Thu) June 28-July 04 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Program August 2-6 (Poznan) - Adult Program August 17-22 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Program August 24-29 (Poznan) - Youth&Junior Program Dates for later in 2020 will be added soon

Malgosia and I are two open minded people full of energy. We enjoy socializing, learning new things, meeting new people and improving the English speaking level here in Poland.


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Thank you to everyone I met at the ‘Just Speak’ English language immersion camp. An incredible week of fun adventures in the forest. New friendships were made and there were many, many hilarious moments that made our stomachs hurt and reduced us to tears 😂 This is an excellent way to learn English for non native English speakers. I can’t wait to return to teach at the week long camp later this month 😁 x

This experience was incredible, thank you!



The best there is!As a first timer,I must adimt that I really loved the experience.Will certainly be a regular participant henceforth.It was such a great opportunity to meet great people and interact with.The flexibility with which the day-to-day programmes and activities were run, the comfy of the accommodation,the natural surroundings and the free times given us,impressed me a lot.Kind consideration was given to my individual needs.My greatest moments were those during conversation sessions.I enjoyed them to the max.Highly recommended.


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