This is a small business - I have 2 homes with 3 or 4 rooms occupied throughout the year. - Most of my tenants are international students and usually post graduate researchers. normally they are very busy with their research work but occasionally they are happy to have a coffee and chat.
if you prefer a quieter place instead of a hostel then this could be good placement for you. You would be working partly by yourself and partly with me in a variety of different jobs - apart from basic cleaning - the jobs would vary day to day. I do my own painting and decorating carpentry, electrical and , plus a variety of gardening jobs from weeding to tree pruning. The basic cleaning work would be done by yourself but all other work you would be required to be my assistant.

I am partly retired and have worked in renting rooms in my 2 houses for over 25 years and have much experience. I also have a second job which is to manage a Digital Music Studio - where my main work is as an audio technician for mastering and editing audio recordings both speech and music. Normally you will work between 16 and 20 hours per week and your accommodation would be part shared (4 days per week) and partly single room (3 days per week). You would be provided with full meals and services. Breakfast and cooked evening meal 7 days weekly. And on weekdays snack lunch in addition. Plus internet service in both houses and laundry. I also teach english and happy to spend evenings in helping my volunteer assistants to learn how to speak well and increase their vocabulary. I am a quiet person and this is a quiet house - I also practise and teach meditation. About your Luggage. There is no reason to bring a lot of things with you - even if you are staying in UK/Europe for 6 months (unless you are camping) therefore a suitcase of about 50 x 40 x 23 (which will go in most airline overhead lockers and save you money) is absolutely ok. Most hosts can supply items for example towels, bedding, utensils etc. If you research on the internet - the travel advice from expert long time travellers - they all give the same advice - travel light, travel light, travel light.

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I stayed here for two weeks, he’s a good man. The first few days take some getting used to, but then everything went well. He has two houses and one is closer to the city center, which is perfect if you like going out a lot. The work wasn’t too heavy and was always fairly easy. Dinner was early compared to what I’m used to. In general it was a positive experience that allowed me to exit from my comfort zone and improve my english speaking skills. Tips: if you want to meet people, download Meetup. For free English lessons go to Oxford English center when you arrive. Best nightlife Friday night

3 meses atrás



Not bad experience. Keep a polite distance with each other.

4 meses atrás



This was a fantastic experience, Oxford is so unique, I love the nature and the activities to do in the city, Dave has two pretty and cozy houses, He is the perfect person that I needed to improve my English level, he makes you feel at home and also gives you vibrant and varied food, in addition to the delicious desserts it offers daily. it has been the best volunteering I have ever been on and my best experience in the UK. Without a doubt, I would return a thousand times.
Thank you, Dave, for your flexibility and your unconditional friendship.

5 meses atrás



I had a fantastic experience volunteering with Dave! During my time there, I was able to significantly improve my English skills, explore the beautiful city of Oxford, meet wonderful new people, and enjoy the hospitality of my host. The program provided a well-rounded experience that allowed me to learn and grow in many ways, both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend this volunteer program to anyone looking for a meaningful and rewarding experience. Thank you Dave for such a wonderful opportunity!

8 meses atrás



My experience with Dave was incredible, even before I arrived in the UK he was super helpful in answering my questions, giving tips and giving all kinds of guidance, this was very important because it was my first experience. Dave is a super nice and playful person, he gave me a lot of life advice, he took me to different places and he cooks really well.
About the job it was pretty normal it always involved washing and drying the dishes, cleaning both houses and helping Dave I had time to study and get to know the city
Thank you so much Dave, I will never forget those months I spent with you

9 meses atrás

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