This is a small business - I have 2 homes with 4 or 5 rooms occupied throughout the year. - Most of my tenants are international students and usually post graduate researchers. usually they are very busy with their research work but occasionally they are happy to have a coffee and chat. if you prefer a quieter place instead of a hostel then this could be good placement for you. You would be working partly by yourself and partly with me in a variety of different jobs - apart from basic cleaning - the jobs would vary day to day. I do my own painting and decorating carpentry, electrical and , plus a variety of gardening jobs from weeding to tree pruning. The basic cleaning work would be done by yourself but all other work you would be required to be my assistant.

I am partly retired and have worked in renting rooms in my 2 houses for over 25 years and have much experience. I also have a second job which is to manage a Digital Music Studio - where my main work is as an audio technician to edit and clean audio recordings both speech and music. Normally you will work between 16 and 20 hours per week and your accommodation would be part shared (4 days per week) and partly single room (3 days per week). You would be provided with full meals and services. Breakfast, snack lunch and cooked evening meal 7 days weekly. Plus internet service in both houses and laundry. I also teach english and spend many evening hours in helping my volunteer assistants to learn how to speak well and increase their vocabulary. I also practise and teach meditation.


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Definitely, I recommend this volunteering. In the beginning, Dave looked pretty structured, but after I understood, everything was so sorted it was easier for myself. The job is simple and the place is lovely. Also, he tried to help me with everything. I'm very grateful Dave! Nice to meet you!

8 days ago



Great stay with Dave in Oxford. The thing that I loved the most was the meals that Dave made -especially DDD (Dave’s Delicious Deserts)
It was a very useful time as Dave is nearly always at home and I can directly ask questions for my English and learn different jobs in his home/garden,
I like the ambience in Dave house -quiet and peaceful and my life here was free and easy -I could follow whatever kind of interest I wanted eg walking or chatting to friends or reading. Dave also did his best to help me with nearly everything - understand my problems, helping me with travel, he’s a good man

about 1 month ago



First of all, Thank for everything.
I really appriciate your kindness.
I did some work such as cleaning and gardening about 4 hours per day except weekends.
He gave me good coffee and tea and meal everyday.
It was first time homestay another country with different national people. It was such a nice decision to stay there. I had totally new experience also improve my English. He taught me a lot of things for help my English and for my future.
He gave me free time on Weekend, so I discovered Oxford on Weekend.
There is very quiet and comfortable to stay so I really recommend to stay there!

2 months ago



I am not going to write the same beautiful things that you can read in other reviews because it makes no sense but I'm sure they are true. I have to say I feel that my English has improved considerably in three weeks there. I read some stories from a book loudly with him and it helped to have a better vocabulary, reading and especially speaking. There were some misunderstandings between us because of our personality and I had to come back before expected but apart from that I can confirm that he is always willing to help you and tries to do his best with the helpers.

11 months ago



Every thing was perfect
The work is pretty easy
Just cleaning and helping Dave with dishes and cooking
Oxford is a nice city to go for long walks and you can entertain yourself with the many museums they have, so you won’t get bored.
The food is absolutely amazing!!!! Dave is a really really great cook, you can’t miss his curry or chocolate cake !!
That’s something I’ll definitely miss :( haha
You will also have the best conversation with him, he’s a really wise man
I’m definitely looking forward to go back to oxford as soon as I can
It’s been a real pleasure
Thank you Dave

over 2 years ago

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