Teaching English in Indonesia and experience the culture

Do you want to gain teaching experience? Do you want to teach children, teenagers and adults who are really passionate about learning English? Would you like to experience the local culture, food, people and daily life on an Indonesian island? As a volunteer you will assist our local teacher teaching English to our students. We have 150 students, 12 local teachers and 4 officers. We teach English to kids, teenagers, adult and Visually impaired students. Klaten is a small town between Yogyakarta and Solo, It's about 25 minutes away from Yogyakarta airport by train. A place which is among temples area such as Prambanan temple, Sewu temple, Plaosan temple, Sojiwan temple and more. A town which has a lot of water spring. The most popular one is Ponggok natural spring where you could swim and snorkel with lots of fish. A beautiful area where you can meet friendly people. In the morning you could walk or go cycling around our place. Klaten has natural environment so you could enjoy the place so much. We offer you scooter to see around the area. You could see how to make batik and lurik. See how to make tofu, tempe and local noodles made from Aren fruit (Arenga pinnate). If you like to bake, you could learn how to make Bakpia, a traditional cake from Yogyakarta. A floating restaurant in suburb indulging your self with hill view. A sunrise and sunset spot about 15 minutes away from our house called Bukit Cinta is nice place to see. And many other things you can do in our town.

Hello good people, I'm Ovick (30), an enthusiastic and openminded person. I run an English school and a community who works on educational project. I'm fond of listening to music and gardening. I also like playing guitar, but can not play it. ha ha.... •About us We are a group of youth who likes to learn about new culture and see the world from different side. We also like to share about our culture, meeting new people and forming some great friendships. We teach, encourage and transform young kids and youth mentality to have a great thought to change the world better. We do social works, we provide education for underprivileged children, we educate people how to keep the environtment, and we encourage literacy for children. Our goal is to provide equitable good education for all, open the horizon of the global world, and inspire others to do good things. With our motto "Never Stop Learning". We are looking for open minded people who can be a part of our family. We want to work with people who are spontaneous, fun, friendly, and responsible. We work hard, play hard, have fun and make many friends along the way.

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