The Green Gardens, a sustainable living farm in Wayanad

"MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE" The volunteering/internship opportunities with TGG Foundation are available through the Humanity First element of the Responsible Indian Mission, a membership program promoted by us to consciously connect people beyond geographical division, religion, race, gender and color. We work to empower the rural community through sustainable livelihood creation. Our initiatives can be divided into following core activities: SUSTAINABLE LIVING FARM In the year 2014, we took over the maintenance of the Green Gardens Farm in Wayanand, Kerala and have started working towards sustainability. Our vision was to transform the farm into a zero waste, zero budget project that empowers the rural community and provides a venue for urban youths and international students to understand sustainability practices. HELP NEEDED: Assist the self help group in their day to day activities, All values to the experiences, Design and create new facilities without disturbing the nature, Engage in activities that can enhance the sustainability. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT We have been working with a group of local women near to our office location in Wayanad Kerala to integrate them and to create a sustainable revenue stream. The Foundation has supported them financially for roughly 33 months whilst we work with them to create income generating activities, providing infrastructure, machines and tools, skills development and marketing support. We have also worked with them to create a micro-credit system to fund various activities The ultimate goal is for the women to create and look after their own businesses by complementing each other through the creation of a self help group so that they can support themselves and their families. HELP NEEDED: Train them to develop new revenue stream, Impart skills to enhance their existing work better, Assist them in their day to day activities RURAL DEVELOPMENT HUB This ongoing project is a one-stop solution for all rural development activities which include: production and processing, packing and distribution, space for social enterprises, stitching center, handicraft workshop, rural BPO & KPO and a center for rehabilitation and empowerment of socially challenged . The hub will also include accommodation for interns, a research facility for academic study and back office for the Foundation. HELP NEEDED: Assist in promoting and create new market for the ethical products produced by the women group. RURAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUNDING Funding is a key element to the growth of our activities and ultimately helping the Foundation achieve its mission. We have partnered with various organisations (both in India and abroad) as part of their CSR initiatives to deliver specific projects. This strategy will continue to be adopted by us as we look to replicate our successes in other parts of the country. As a volunteer/intern you can choose which of these activities you would like to contribute to based on your interests and skills, which include but aren't limited to: - working with our team on our organic tea farm and learning about sustainable agriculture. - working with our Self Help Group and helping them to develop their skills. - working with us to promote the Foundation and its activities in the digital space. - helping us to internationally market the products of the Self Help Group. - helping us to raise CSR funds for our ongoing projects. It would be our great pleasure to introduce you to Wayanad, Kerala. It is a bio-diversity hot spot surrounded by beautiful nature and scenery. You will be welcomed by friendly and warm community, who are part of our mission to make the world a better place to live.

My name is S.V Laiju, I am the founder and Chairman of TGG Foundation which is a self sustaining, registered rural development charitable trust working for the benefit of the rural community. We uphold a "One World" Philosophy in which we believe that the world is connected and all people united. We view everyone as equal. Our work is dedicated to rid hatred and discrimination and promote empathy and compassion. Our Karma guides us to work for the welfare of others without any self interest. Most importantly we believe we "need to be the change we wish to see in the world" and inspire others to be active in their communities through our example. Our team currently consists of 10 women who with our support have formed a Self Help Group called "Navajyothi, Kerala" and a multi-tasking all rounder called Hari. The team is split between our office location, a stitching center and our 5 acre organic tea farm. As a volunteer, your accommodation would be on the farm itself. It is a perfect spot for those who love nature and peace. We have space for 2 volunteers sharing one room and also plenty of space for tents if that is something you'd prefer. There is a shared toilet and bathroom facility with running water. The food can be prepared by and eaten with our team at the farm (local Keralan cuisine) and whilst we promote vegetarianism as a way of life, there is a town roughly 10 mins drive where all foods can be purchased. There is currently no WiFi at the farm, however most phone networks retain their signal on site. Should you require use of WiFi during your stay we have a connection at our office which is 6.5km from the farm. There is a space at the center of the farm which is ideal for yoga and meditation. There are also many local places of interest such as Eddekal Caves, a UNESCO approved World Heritage site which is a 30-45 minute walk away.

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This is very much a place that gives you the space and freedom to decide what kind of experience you wish to have. Both the farm and center are quiet and beautiful and the food is really wonderful. Everyone is kind and there is no pressure to rush about at all. The vision of the foundation allows you to contribute through creative ways or simply learn from the surroundings there.

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