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6 LGBTQI+ apps to make your travels easier

In this list, you’ll discover apps created just to make life and traveling easier for the LGBTQI+ community in every corner of the world.


Apr 01, 2023


lgbt app for travel

In an ideal world, the LGBTQI+ community would feel safe and comfortable anywhere on earth, but for the moment, we know that we’re still very far from equal treatment.

Even so, the number of LGBTQI+ tourists is growing exponentially in terms of global tourism. They aren’t going to let a lack of equal treatment stop them from traveling and having new experiences.

For this and many other reasons, I put together this list of travel apps to help you and the LGBTQI+ community get the most out of every destination, find accommodations, places to eat, and have fun safely and with peace of mind.

Check out this list of travel apps for the LGBTQI+ community:

  1. Spartacus
  2. Sonder
  3. Arch
  4. Misterb&b
  5. Ebab
  6. GeoSure

1. Spartacus International Gay Guide

Spartacus is an app full of information about safety and ways to have fun. It displays an LGBTQI tolerance rating for each country, grouped by continent.

For each country, you can see information and the history of LGBTQI+ rights and anti-discriminatory laws and protections. You can also see a map and alphabetical list of the friendliest cities and regions for the LGBTQI+ community.

For going out and having fun, the app uses your location to find events and friendly areas nearby. Right on the start page is a calendar of LGBTQI+ pride parades around the world, organized by month, which lets you find their official sites and some other helpful resources like flights, accommodation, and even the option to offer your place to host other travelers.

Finally, this app lets you save places and events you want to visit in a favorites list. There is some paid content though, so don’t be surprised when you see a premium guide offered.

Available for iOS and Android.

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2. Sonder

In the Sonder app, you’ll see a social section, where you can scroll through the feed of photos and other users, and a guide and travel planning section as well.

With this app, you can find content for some of the world’s most popular destinations, along with phone numbers and helpful links like the fire department, police, public transport, and others. There are also tips, country phone codes, local currencies, time zones, and weather.

The app doesn’t yet have a ton of destinations, but those that it does have are great. You can also add comments to their guides or about a particular city.

Additionally, there’s info and news about LGBTQI+ rights, artists, and events. The app shows events that are happening near you, and you can plan a trip and invite your friends to join in, with tips from the app about accommodation and travel tickets.

Available for iOS and Android.

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3. Arch

Arch is an app to help you discover LGBTQI+ bars, restaurants, and events. The app has a map with various LGBTQI+ friendly places near your location, and the other part of the map is enhanced with augmented reality so you can see what’s around you in real time.

Locations display contact information like social media, and photos and reviews which are added by travelers themselves. The app shows places recommended by users in the area, and if you have notifications on, it can offer you discounts on food and drinks.

Only available for iOS.

4. Misterb&b - Gay Hospitality

Misterb&b is an app to find accommodations with LGBTQI+ hosts and/or LGBTQI+ friendly hosts. It was designed to help you feel safe and welcomed wherever you go, so you don’t have to worry about just being yourself.

You can find whole apartments, as well as private or shared rooms. It’s also possible to reserve well in advance or even immediately at the last minute (some hosts do not need to personally approve your reservation). And you can filter by price and non-negotiable amenities for your stay like WiFi, kitchen, laundry, and others.

Aside from traveling safely and with peace of mind, you’ll be supporting the greater LGBTQI+ community and giving yourself the chance to get great tips to enjoy the city like a local.

Available for iOS and Android.

5. Ebab – Enjoy Bed and Breakfast

Similarly to the previous app, Ebab is an app to find accommodation by and for the LGBTQI+ community. Ebab also lets you filter by preferences and various price levels.

Rooms and apartments are well described with comments from other travelers, and some already have tips from their hosts about the area and what to do nearby.

Available for iOS and Android.

6. GeoSure

Geosur is an app not just for travelers but really for anyone, anywhere in the world. It’s a great way to know if it’s ok to come home late from a party in a particular place.

Based on your location, a map will show ratings for safety levels in certain neighborhoods and cities all over the world. Their inclusion of an LGBTQI+ category makes the app interesting for the community in their travels out in the world.

The app is very straightforward. You can search for a specific location’s rating, either where you currently are or anywhere else you choose. The app helps you by comparing areas that you’re unfamiliar with to those you already know well to better understand the ratings.

You can create a profile and help to improve the app’s ratings by sharing your personal experiences of the places you’ve already visited, whether good or bad.

On the map, you’ll see the overall rating or a specific one by clicking on the circle next to the location icon. Some of the included categories are: inappropriate or aggressive behavior towards women, risk of LGBTQI+ harm or discrimination, physical violence, and probability of theft.

The lower the rating, the safer the area. Ratings of 1-20 means extremely safe, 21-40 means very safe with occasional incidents, 41-60 means less safe and requires attention, especially at night, 61-80 means dangerous and prone to incidents, and finally, 81-100 means extremely dangerous.

Available for iOS and Android.

Tell me in the comments if you already knew of any of these apps and if you recommend adding any other ones to this list!

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