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The greatest travel hacking guide you need for a stress-free trip

If you’re a traveler, you’ll want to learn all the travel hackings you can get to make your trip memorable and stress-free


Travel hacking

The most important part of traveling is deciding to do it. When you do it inside, the path you must take just follow the flow. 

With this ultimate travel hacking guide are listed 8 hacks for you rock on the next trip. Check this out below.

1. Planning your trip

Let's get to the basics of travel hacking: plan your trip. Narrow the places you I want to pay a visit, considering the amount of time you'll spend there and the required budget to make this happen. 

Where, when and how much are the crucial cornerstones for every single trip you're going to have in the course of your life. Once you’ve got these things narrowed down you can get on with the next step.

I'd say the spontaneous long-term trips are for experienced travelers, due to the random situations that may be stressful for the beginners and that are just an ordinary day for someone who's been around. But, of course, it's your call!

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Compare flight prices incognito

There are great websites for comparing prices and getting good deals, just make sure to check the flight company itself as sometimes it’s cheaper on their website, and if you’re feeling bold, phone the airline and get them to match the price. 

Also, I got this hack from Budget Backpacking 101 booking flights on private web browsing will stop flight prices from rising, as they can’t see your search history. 

And, take note at flight miles on your credit card. Every time you fly miles are added to your account, and eventually, you can get enough for a free flight! Read this article and check out how to choose the right travel companion.

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Get affordable accommodation

As for accommodation, if you’re looking for a backpacking tripWorldpackers has all you need for volunteering opportunities

Since 2014, Worldpackers is a global community for aware travelers and welcoming hosts that connects thousands of unique experiences, promoting personal development and world changing through volunteer jobs. It's a sustainable opportunity to get to know different cultures and lifestyles and you can help different projects to thrive.

Also affordable for backpackers not available for volunteering exchanges, hostels and camping sites around the world offers good deals for comfortable accommodations and unique experiences with another travelers.

Keep it safe

A  good tip to keep your belongings safe is having a scanned copy of your passport saved on your phone and on your cloud. Also, flight tickets, reservations, invitation letters in foreign countries, for example. Get yourself a money belt for credit cards and documents, keep a padlock for your backpack.

2. Pack light and save money

Okay, a little cheesy I know, but it's a very true fact. The art of packing well takes time to master, but with these simple tricks, you’ll leave people questioning how you fit all that stuff into one case. Here are some easy ways to lighten the weight:

Only pack what you need

Seems simple, but is often ignored. When you go to a country, if you really need more clothes you may have the option of charity shops, thrift markets or even clothes swaps with friends you make there.

More you travel more you realize less you need.

Fill in empty spaces

Roll up clothes to make them fit nicely and stuff your socks inside a spare pairs of shoes. Consider versatile clothing and light fabrics to bring to your trip.

Put necklaces through straws to stop them from getting tangled. Bring shampoo and conditioner bars and it will fit nicely into your bag and avoid liquid dropping. 

3. If it’s free it’s for me! 

the ultimate travel hacking

This applies to most things, because there are a lot more free things out there than you may think. Let me give you some ideas of how you can enjoy a luxury-ish lifestyle on a budget.

You can find free local events on social media, they are a great way to check what is happening. Openings, walking tours, food festivals, and small concerts are often free!

Partnerships are a fantastic way to get a taste of culture and have fun without breaking the bank. This is how it works: hostels usually partner with local organizations to encourage the hostel volunteers to gather up guests for events, and in return for your work you get to go for free, or get a discount. 

I did this in Budapest and was pub crawling my way through the city and partying on the boat tour for free, and also relaxed in spa pools at a highly discount. Not only do hostels do partnerships, but they may provide their own free entertainment for you to enjoy. When I volunteered in Rome, I did free walking tours, pasta classes, and escape rooms.

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4. Ticket, pass, or class?

hacks for travel

When it comes to travel hacking 101 you want to get familiar with finding the cheapest ways to get about. If you’re going to be in one place for a while, things like railcards and bus passes can be really useful and save you a bit of money. 

Here in the U.K., we have a 16-25 railcard which costs around £30 but saves you 30% every time you travel across the country.

If you’re on a long journey, it may be tempting to book a first-class ticket though this can be very pricey. However, if you book far enough in advance you may only pay an extra £10 on top of economy class, very worthy for extra comfort!

One way to travel for free is hitchhiking. For beginners I’d only recommend if you are with a friend. Just being cautious, it could save you a lot of money. Consider where you are, sometimes it’s better balance in to spend a bit more and have safety than be in an uncomfortable situation in order to save a few bucks.

5. Be smart with your money

What would the ultimate guide to travel hacking be without mentioning money, eh? Should I take cash or card? 

I would recommend getting a pre-paid travel card. These allow you to transfer money from your account almost anywhere in the world, with no fuss or extra costs. Your money is safe from pickpockets and you’re not carrying around wads of cash.  Check 15 budget-savvy hacks to travel smarter in the new year.

Depending on where you’re going, it’s good to have a mix of both cash and card. It means that you’ve got the bulk of your money on your card, but if something goes wrong, you at least have a bit of cash on you. 

Not only that, but small places may only take cash, and sometimes just small bills to avoid counterfeit money.

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6. Don’t forget the essentials

So when it comes to traveling there is a lot to think about in terms of packing; what to bring? What devices do I need? Do I need to buy all the gadgets that people are talking about on Instagram? The answer is no, you don’t. 

A lot of gadgets are just a way to get people to spend money on things that they might use once and forget about in a few weeks, so it’s not worth it. Do your research before purchasing.

Here are the absolutely essentials that will make your travels a lot easier:

  • Map: in case your phone dies and you’re in the middle of nowhere.
  • Extension cord: don’t faff about with multiple adapter plugs, just bring one with an extension cord and you’ll be sorted!
  • Reusable water bottle: fill up your bottle in airports or around cities at no cost.
  • Washing powder: you can wash your things in a sink this way, making it much cheaper than paying for laundry.
  • Medication: you never know when you might need it, and it could be expensive to buy where you are traveling.
  • Portable power bank: ideal for a hike or just a long way out of the city, when you may not be near any plugs, a portable charger is a great way to ensure you won’t lose battery. 

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7. Make friends for life

travel hacker

Travel alone can be daunting, and a little lonely at times. But one of the best parts about traveling is all the people you meet along the way, and those connections can truly last. 

If you’re staying in a hostel you’re going to be surrounded by like-minded people so it makes it a lot easier to meet people, you just have to get yourself involved. 

Join the local tribe of roommates, solo travelers and backpackers. Share a meal, go out. Often people traveling solo are in the same position and also would appreciate some company.

Besides the hostel; you can mingle online with fellow travelers looking for a friend. On social media you find the backpacker community near you with next events, and often locals will join in. This way you can get to know the locals and they can show you around, giving you some true culture!

8. Just have fun!

Often when we travel we can get a bit overwhelmed about planning, logistics, trying to fit too many things in at once. The main thing to remember is that you’re there to have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Things will probably go wrong, so get comfortable with the spontaneousness it will get you into, travel is getting out of your comfort zone too.

travel tips hacks

The best trips involve some wild stories, unplanned getaways, and a little bit of money being spent but at the end of the day, it’s all about making memories. So get out there and make some, no regrets!

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