Baanda Nursery

1. The volunteers will have a good chance to explore the stunning nature of the village and the surrounding area, such as mountains, waterfall and hot spring .
2. They can taste a lot of delicious local food which is always available the whole week at different markets in our community.
3. They can use this chance as an opportunity for the kids in the village to meet with amazing people from all around the world.
And many more.

My name is Ansari. I used to be a government officer but I found my job unchallenging, so I quit. Then I started my nursery school where I accept only ten kids and there are two baby sitters and a cook. I also organize after-school English classes for the kids in my community to join if they are interested in. So the volunteers can also join the classes if they want to. We are open-minded and friendly people. We love to meet volunteers and make friend with people from all around the world. We respect their culture and opinion and would be happy if they want to share them with us. As villagers, we are always kind to one another and of course to our volunteers. We are always willing to help when never it is needed. So we would try our best to help our volunteers with anything they want, just to make sure that they will have a good time staying here with us. We are all human beings and are deserved to be treated nicely.

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I don’t think that this exchange was the right fit for me personally. I think that it would have been better for if I’d been with other volunteers. Ansari could have been better with communication. There isn’t a lot to do within walking distance, but Ansari got me a motor bike which was a huge game changer. The scenery is beautiful. I LOVED the kids. It didn’t feel like work during the day.

hace 21 días



Amazing experience! The kids are adorable and smart. Ansari's family is very lovely and so are the locals. Thank you Ansari.

hace 25 días



My time at the nursery was an incredibly rewarding experience.
Ansari, Maria, and everyone else made me feel incredibly welcome, ensuring that I felt at ease at all times.
The neighborhood is also very cool, the people are nice and you will find good local restaurants.
Volunteering here is definitely not a task, you will find fun playing and learning English to the kids. They are the cutest and smartest kids ever.
I recommend this experience 100%!

hace 3 meses



I had a great experience! I felt super welcome by the host Ansari, his wife and the whole team. They were very kind every day at the nursery. Also Ansari invited me to share with his family Ramadan's culmination dinner and it was super cool.
The kids are great! Very smart and fun so the daily work is enjoyed.
The house where you sleep is comfortable and the neighbors are amazing.
I had such a great time here!
Thank you Ansari for giving me the opportunity to learn more about your community in these weeks! Wish you the best with all your projects.

hace 5 meses



It was lovely volunteering at Baanda Nursery. Ansari, Maria, Yuweeta & Zoona were all lovely and helpful, the children delightful.
It was interesting learning more about the Muslim faith especially during Ramadan, whilst assisting the children with their English speaking growth,
I was staying at the Nursery which was comfortable..
The only downside was that the other neighbour would garden 11pm, 12am 1am right outside my window. It wasn't the noise but it effected me feeling secure at the Nursery. Ansari reassured me that the neighbour had been gardening through night for several years.

hace 5 meses

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